SMU Spring Game Notebook

The Pony Stampede staff has postgame interviews and their postion-by-position analysis of SMU's spring game here!

SMU DC Van Malone

SMU OC Joe Craddock

SMU QB Matt Davis

SMU LB Jonathan Yenga

SMU WR Courtland Sutton

SMU DE Zach Wood

SMU OL Taylor Lasecki

SMU OL Chauncey Briggs


Matt Davis looked comfortable out there yet again for SMU. Davis went 8-14 for 134 yards and two touchdowns on the day. Davis and the rest of the quarterbacks had to deal with the rough pass protection of the offensive line, but still made some big plays down the field to Courtland Sutton and one to Jeremiah Gaines. Ben Hicks didn't complete his first pass until the running clock period of the game and finished 3-9 with a 47 yards and a touchdown on the day. Hicks stepped up and threw some darts that got away from receivers too, but overall he just didn't look comfortable. Darrel Colbert on the other hand, didn't complete a pass, but his running ability is a huge asset to the game. Colbert tucked the ball and kept some zone reads to himself and picked up solid chunks of yardage. -Billy

Running Backs

Despite a poor showing from the offensive lineman, Prescott Line played impressively, finishing with 69 yards on 9 carries with one touchdown. Line showed his ability to get out into the open field and break tackles down field. Line also did a nice job of gaining all he could when running in between the tackles. Daniel Gresham and Darius Durall, however, both had quiet days, combining for just 33 yards on 19 carries. Gresham had the most carries on the team with 10, but only came away with 20 total yards. -Scott

Wide Receivers

Courtland Sutton was the best player on the field today, grabbing six catches for 124 yards and three scores. He consistently creates matchup issues in the secondary and wins at the point of attack. He roasted defenders with his long strides, and defensive backs had to resort to bail technique when covering him. No other receiver stuck out. Tight end/H-back Jeremiah Gaines had a long touchdown called back by penalty, but was quiet otherwise. But he’s still tough to cover and should be a big part of the passing game. Arrius Holleman did not catch a pass and is still struggling to separate from defensive backs. His route running needs work and he doesn’t look explosive off the line. While Sutton continues to emerge as SMU’s top target, the race for snaps behind him is fairly open, giving the freshman a good shot to play right away. -Patrick

Offensive Line

It was a tough day for the offensive line as they struggled with false starts and holding penalties throughout the game. During a normal first half and an abbreviated second half, there were 4 false starts on the line, as well as a couple of holding penalties and illegal formation penalties. One of the players to have a tough day today, especially early on, was Daniel McCarty. McCarty was called for a couple of holding penalties; some declined however, and he also had 2 false start penalties. Other than giving up a sack late in the 2nd quarter, Chauncey Briggs had an okay day for the offense as well. While the offensive line did struggle in pass protection today, they were able to clear up some holes for some big runs by Prescott Line that was encouraging to see. At times throughout the first half, the line was able to seal the edge and allow for Line to get free runs along the sideline. Despite sealing the edge nicely, they did struggle blocking up the middle, which led to some negative plays. On the day the offensive line gave up 8 sacks for 44 yards. The more concerning number however for the offensive line especially were the 11 penalties for 63 yards with a number of those being holding or false starts. -Hatts

Defensive Line

In the battle of the trenches during SMU’s spring game, the defensive line was able to put pressure on the SMU quarterbacks throughout the day. Justin Lawler was one of the more impressive players today with a sack and 6 tackles, including a couple of tackles for losses. As he moved inside to replace Zelt Minor, Zach Wood also had a strong performance in the second half with a sack and a half. One player that had a quieter day was Mason Gentry, who finished with 1 tackle and half a sack, despite many of his fellow defensive lineman picking up a couple of sacks. Jarvis Pruitt was another guy who started his spring game fast with good pressure but was quieter in the second quarter and throughout the second half. He finished the day with half a tackle but was quieter overall. It was a solid day for the defensive line as they were able to defend the run better while still being able to get a lot of pressure up the middle. On the day, the defense finished with 8 sacks, 4 of those came from the defensive line. -Hatts


Overall as a unit, the linebackers had an impressive showing. Nick Horton, Robert Seals, Kyran Mitchell stood out the most with Mitchell shining the most, racking up 7 total tackles and 2 tackles for loss. Seals and Horton both showed off their speed and ability to get to the quarterback rushing off of the edge and both notching one sack each. Horton did a decent job of holding his own in pass coverage, but he did have at least one PI call and allowed a few big gains. Guys like Jackson Mitchell, Inoke Ngalo, Derek Longoria and Caleb Tuiasosopo had little to no impact during the game, each just recording one tackle. -Scott


The secondary gave up some big gains to Sutton but still made a few solid plays. Jordan Wyatt and Will Jeanlys capped strong springs with one pass breakup each, both coming on throws intended for Sutton. Horace Richardson was called for interference against Sutton, but had a solid game otherwise. No specific player was asked to cover Sutton exclusively. Even players like Raul Reyes matched up with him at times. Today’s game didn’t raise any concerns about the secondary and its major players, but wasn’t an eye-opening performance either. -Patrick

Quick Hits

— Justin Lawler had a huge tackle at the goal line.

— Courtland Sutton dropped a diving touchdown while in triple coverage.

— Jeremiah Gaines had a touchdown reception negated because of a penalty.

— Sutton had three touchdowns, one in double coverage, and a 45-yard touchdown pass from Matt Davis. Hicks got him the other.

— Darrel Colbert had a scramble for 18 yards.

— Prescott Line had a 25-yard run.

William Jeanlys nearly missed a diving interception from Matt Davis.

— Daniel Gresham had two solid plays, a 13-yard run out of bounds, and a 17-yard reception.

Anthony Buffini made a diving catch at the three yard line.

Darius Joseph had a touchdown reception in tight coverage.

— Spencer Hollie left the game for a bit, but returned. Jeremiah Gaines was held out after he was seen leaving the feed with a bloodied elbow as a precaution. Ryheem Malone didn't see much action and was seen limping around.

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