DeSoto defensive back talks SMU spring game

Hatts talked with 2016 DeSoto defensive back A.J. Green about his visit to SMU's spring game!

2016 DeSoto HS (Tex.) defensive back A.J. Green was at SMU’s spring game this past weekend and loved the opportunity to continue building his relationship with the SMU coaching staff.

“It was really good, I kind of knew the running backs coach, coach Mathis, and I’ve been touch with coach Loepp and coach Malone, I liked it,” Green said.

After SMU had close to 5,000 fans attend their spring game, Green also came away impressed with the atmosphere at SMU and the amount of fans that showed up for the spring game.

“It’s the kind of atmosphere I like, it’s a very open atmosphere, they had a nice selection of fans out there to watch them and I think I should come right in and play for them,” Green said.

The last time the 6-0, 170-pound cornerback was at SMU, the coaching staff was pitching some ideas they had to renovate the facilities. This past weekend, Green got a look at the beginning stages of these renovation plans, and came away excited for what it’s going to look like in the future.

“They’re renovating everything, from the last time I came they changed the old weight room, now they got whole new mats and everything, new benches and new words on the wall so it was different,” Green said, “I just want to see the end product when they renovate everything.”

Green is also hoping to find a place where he can play a lot early on, and based on some stories from coach Loepp, the defensive backs coach, he believes SMU might offer him one of the best opportunities for that to happen.

“They said they play freshman immediately, coach Loepp, he said he had an All-American his last year or the year before that and he’s trying to get another one so I can come in and play as a freshman,” Green said.

Green currently has offers from Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, Indiana, Utah, Boise State, Fresno State, California, Louisville, Rice and Colorado State.

The DeSoto cornerback doesn’t yet have a list developed of top schools but did say he has a couple of schools that intrigue him the most, including SMU.

“I do not have a list yet but one of the schools I find the most interesting is Oklahoma State and Texas Tech,” Green said before adding SMU in there as well, “Definitely, SMU is automatically in there.”

With football season now quieting down for a couple of months, Green will likely not be back on SMU’s campus in the coming weeks, but says he will likely be making a return trip to SMU sometime during the summer.

“I’ll probably visit SMU again in the coming months, probably in the summer when I take my official visits, when I start making my decision so the summer probably.”

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