Sanford Scouting Reports

Scott breaks down SMU prospects Ryan Becker, Jacob Todora and Patrick Jones in his scouting reports!

Jacob Todora

2016 OL, Wakeland HS (Frisco, Tex.)

Athleticism: While Todora is quick, you can tell by watching his film he isn’t overly athletic. On a straight path, Todora makes most blocks with ease, but if there’s much movement he could be thrown off.

Pass Protection: Todora’s quick feet help him get into his pass stance quickly, so you won’t see the rising senior get beat off of the line too often. What could hurt him, however, are pass moves such as a swim or spin move. Todora does a nice job of staying in front of his defender when dropping into pass protection, but because of how he blocks, he could be susceptive to pass rush moves.

Run Blocking: Todora’s biggest asset has to be his ability to squash the defensive players in front of him on down blocks. He plays with the perfect leverage and uses his quick feet to get going and really get movement on the defensive front. On his down blocks, he’s able to get his hands underneath the pads of his opponent, which helps him win the battle right away. Todora is, however, a little slow in getting to the second level, so in time he will have to learn to take a better angle when blocking linebackers. Todora’s quick feet also help him on blocks to the outside, as he’s able to take a quick bucket step and get out in front of the defense.

Offers: SMU, Illinois and Navy.
HT: 6-4
WT: 270 pounds
40-yard dash: 5.10 seconds (unofficial)

Jacob Todora Highlights

Ryan Becker

2016 OL/DE, Marble Falls HS (Marble Falls, Tex.)

As a Defensive Player: As a defensive player, Becker shows off a mean streak and does a nice job of getting the ball carrier and securing the tackle. Despite being a little on the slower side, Becker has good lateral movement and is athletic enough to make a quick reaction to get to the ball. Against bigger tackles, however, Becker gets himself into trouble by dancing with the offensive player instead of making a move around him. Becker also needs to learn to keep his feet moving whether it’s verse the pass or run.

Pass Protection: Becker is extremely raw as an offensive lineman. He has the frame and athleticism to do a decent job right now, but to really make a difference he’s going to have to put on weight. On his pass protection, Becker gets a little lazy with his feet. Becker needs to learn a better kick step, and he needs to learn to be a bit more engaging when it comes to pass protection. One thing he does have down is the screen game, which comes very natural to him with his solid athleticism.

Run Blocking: Because Becker is so light, he in turn has an easy time of moving his feet quickly and getting to the second level to block the linebacker. While he gets to the second level quickly, he can’t do much after that because of his lack of size. There’s no question if Becker plans to play on the offensive line in college, he’s going to need to hit the weight room hard. Right now, if Becker runs into a bigger defenseman, he gets stopped in his tracks and gets no push whether it’s against a lineman or a linebacker.

Offers: SMU, Texas Tech and Texas State.
HT: 6-5
WT: 222 pounds
40-yard dash: 5.05 seconds (Nike SPARQ Verified)

Ryan Becker Highlights

Patrick Jones

2016 DT, Arlington Heights HS (Fort Worth, Tex.)

Athleticism: At Jones’ height and weight, you might think he would somewhat unathletic, but that’s really not the case. Jones uses his quick feet to beat the offensive linemen off the line of scrimmage, and has a motor that just keeps churning. Once into the backfield, Jones loses his leverage sometimes, but he still does a nice job of locating the ball, reacting to the ball carrier and making the tackle.

Against the run: Jones’ biggest asset as a run stopper is his leverage. Coming off the ball, Jones does a nice job of staying low and powering through the offensive line. His athleticism and quick feet allow Jones to redirect quickly and find the ball carrier. Running into Jones is like running into a brick wall, which is why he is such an effective run stuffer up the middle.

Against the pass: Against the pass, Jones doesn’t have a variety of pass rush moves, but at his position, he really only needs one effective one. Jones plays mostly on the inside, so it’s ok that Jones mostly uses the bull rush, and it does the trick for him. Jones does a nice job of keeping his feet moving and maintaining leverage so that he does get movement on the offensive line. Even with just one move, Jones is quick enough to prove solid pressure on the quarterback. One knock on Jones, however, is that he does sometimes over pursue the play, leaving him out of position which makes him miss the tackle. You’ll never have to question Jones’ effort, though.

Offers: SMU
HT: 6-1
WT: 277 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.92 seconds (Nike SPARQ Verified)

Patrick Jones Highlights

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