Oklahoma point guard talks SMU offer

2016 Oklahoma City Southeast point guard Dashawn McDowell talked about his SMU offer with Billy!

2016 Oklahoma City Southeast point guard Dashawn McDowell opened up his recruitment on April 14 and picked up his first offer since reopening his recruitment from SMU on Saturday.

“I had seen Larry Brown and he contacted my coach and my coach told me,” McDowell said. “We played right before he told me. It’s great. Any offer is a blessing. Maybe I might go there, who knows.”

The Oklahoma point guard committed to in-state Tulsa, but decided that decision was premature.

“It was early my sophomore year and I was listening to what people were saying and the hype instead of just playing you know? I ended up committing and I didn’t really think about it.”

McDowell is familiar with SMU, having seen the Mustangs play Tulsa and liked the way SMU used point guard Nic Moore.

“I’ve watched them play Tulsa. I just like the guard status and how he gets the play,” McDowell said. “I love pick and roll and they do it a lot so that’s a big thing I like about them.”

The offer was a sign that he made the right decision to reevaluate his school and with SMU coming off a tournament appearance, that was even more important.

“It’s big for me. Getting stuff like that for me is showing that my hard work is paying off. It’s a good thing,” the 6-5, 185-pound guard said. “They keep making the tournament and start producing NBA players, maybe I’ll be an NBA player.”

McDowell said he used to talk all the time with SMU, but the Mustangs had backed off once he had committed.

Now with SMU offering McDowell, he’s excited about the chance that he could play for Hall of Fame coach Larry Brown.

“Everyone knows he’s one of the greatest coaches ever. Getting recruited by him and getting an offer from his school is a blessing,” McDowell said. “It’s exciting and who knows, I might play for him.”

For his college, McDowell wants somewhere that can develop his game to the NBA level and teach the art of the pick and roll.

“I’m really looking for a school that likes to run and pick and roll. Letting the point guard play how he plays and getting his teammates involved while letting him get his,” the Lone Star Elite guard said. “I’m looking for a coach that’s looking to push me and I’m looking to push him.”

McDowell’s strengths are what make him thrive in that system.

“I like pick and roll because you can do anything. You can come off the pick and dunk on someone, make somebody looks so much better than they are on a simple pass. That’s what I like to do is make my teammates look a lot better.”

Ultimately, the goal is to get to the NBA and McDowell will go anywhere if that’s the best option to achieve that goal.

“Anywhere is a spot for me. I’m just trying to get to the next level. Anywhere I can improve my skills and do it where I’m comfortable then that’s the place for me to go.”

Purdue, UCLA, Wake Forest, Wichita State, Kansas State and UNLV have all shown interest in McDowell, but the Deacons are standing out.

“Probably Wake Forest because Manning was at Tulsa so I’ve built a relationship with him a little bit. I liked his style of play so that stands out to me,” McDowell said.

This summer, McDowell is focused on distributing the ball as well as tightening up his fundamentals.

“Being a point guard and making my teammates good and working my mid-range game off the pick and roll and my three pointer,” McDowell said. “Also, keeping my dribble tight because I’m so big as a point guard.”

McDowell doesn’t have any timeline on a decision. SMU is the first school to offer since McDowell decommitted from Tulsa.

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