Sanford Scouting Reports

Scott breaks down SMU prospects: J.K. Dobbins, Quez Allen and Desmon Smith in his scouting reports!

J.K. Dobbins

2017 RB, La Grange HS (La Grange, Tex.)

Athleticism: Dobbins, who is also a track star, has a great combination of speed and agility when running the ball. There’s no catching up to this back once he’s in the open field, and that’s apparent from his 2,230 yards and 37 rushing TDs as an underclassmen. With his quick feet, the sophomore running back keeps great balance even through traffic. Dobbins also shows off his athleticism when running and catching out of the backfield. When down field, Dobbins shows off his ability to catch passes in stride, or even out jump his defender for jump balls. Overall, Dobbins athleticism is just one of his attributes that makes him such a dangerous runner, or even receiver, anywhere on the field.

Vision: Because of Dobbins speed and quick feet, the running back often adjusts his running path, and seems to somehow always find the path that leads to a big gain. His ability to change directions without losing too much acceleration helps him find even the smallest of holes.

Tenacity: Even if you get both hands on Dobbins, there’s no guarantee you’re going to bring him down on your first try. Dobbins does a great job of keeping his feet moving even when running through traffic or arm tackles, and he does a nice job of mixing in stiff arms and spins to keep the defense guessing. To go along with his speed, Dobbins keeps a low center of gravity when running which helps him bounce off defenders when running. Dobbins hits the hole hard out of the backfield and is immediately on a mission to find the end zone.

Offers: SMU, Arizona State, California, Duke, Houston, Oklahoma and TCU.
HT: 5-9
WT: 184 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.57 seconds (Nike SPARQ Verified)

JK Dobbins Highlights

Demonquez Allen

2016 QB/ATH, Paris HS (Paris, Tex.)

Arm Strength/Accuracy: Yes, Allen plays quarterback now, but SMU offered the junior as an athlete so don’t expect him to stay there at the next level. Nevertheless, Allen is pretty accurate with his throws and will pull it down and run before making a poor pass.

Athleticism: Allen takes advantage of his size and speed as a quarterback and shows off his ability to maneuver throughout the pocket with his quick feet, but just from his athleticism you can tell Allen has the ability to be an effective wide receiver if he continues on the offensive side of the ball.

Running ability: Despite being a little on the lengthy side, Allen doesn’t run like a quarterback. On designed run plays, he hits his hole quickly and uses his long legs to run past the defense, which would also come in handy when matched up against shorter defensive backs if he became a pass catcher. Allen does a nice job of maneuvering with his quick feet through traffic once he is off to the races, and he doesn’t shy away from contact.

Offers: SMU
HT: 6-3
WT: 212 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.60 seconds (unofficial)

Quez Allen Highlights

Desmon Smith

2016 DB, Permian HS (Odessa, Tex.)

Athleticism: Cornerbacks need to keep great hand-eye coordination when running down field, and Smith does just that. Smith plays his receiver smart as to not get beat by a double move, shows off his closing speed once the ball is in the air, and does a nice job of concentrating on the ball and bringing it in with his hands. Smith already has an advantage with his height, but the corner can also jump well and usually has no trouble getting to a ball in the air before his receiver.

Against the Pass: Smith, who had 18 pass breakups and 4 interceptions, is a ball hawk. The corner does a nice job of closing in on his receiver on short throws and usually does a nice job staying with his receiver on deep throws. There are times, however, when Smith gets a step or two behind his receiver. Smith obviously didn’t give up any big plays on his tape, but a good throw would have had him beat at least three times. Overall, Smith uses his height and long arms to his advantage, but he still needs to make sure he doesn’t get beat deep.

Aggression: Smith does a nice job of not being complacent or waiting for the ball to be caught be the receiver. The junior corner is aggressive when it comes to making a play on the ball and will do what he needs to keep the ball out of the receiver’s hands. On short passes, Smith goes after the receiver, doesn’t shy away from contact and is aggressive when going for the tackle. Overall, Smith is a physical corner. He does a nice job of disrupting his receiver with his hands close to the line of scrimmage, and wont get pushed around once he’s down field and the ball’s in the air.

Offers: SMU, Air Force, Houston, Kansas, Nevada, Ohio and Texas State.
HT: 6-2
WT: 191 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.55 seconds (unofficial)

Desmon Smith Highlights

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