Collin Rock commits to SMU!

Billy talked with 2016 Cypress Ranch quarterback Collin Rock about committing to SMU!

2016 Cypress Ranch QB Collin Rock became the fourth member of the 2016 class Thursday night when he committed to SMU.

“I put a lot of thought into it and I just felt like the last two times I went up there, I felt really at home,” Rock said. “I think it was a good fit for me and I feel really comfortable up there.”

Rock said the SMU staff was excited to hear he got on board.

“He was really excited. He said he was actually at a restaurant when I called him and I talked to coach Wyatt also. He said the same,” Rock said.

The quarterback will come to SMU as an athlete, but is excited to get to work on helping with the SMU class and to camp at SMU.

“I’ll be up in there camp in July and I guess I’ll get some evaluation there and what position they want me to work on and what me to do,” Rock said. “Whatever they need me to play, I can play it.”

Rock was sold on Chad Morris’ family atmosphere that he’s instilled in the program already.

“I like what coach Morris is doing up there so early in his career there,” Rock said. “I like the coaching staff. That was high on what made me make the decision. They made me feel really comfortable up there and around the facilities. They made it feel more family like and that was comfortable.”

Rock’s commitment to SMU is solid and he won’t be taking it back.

“My mom and I talked about it that it’s my word and it’s a handshake that I’m going there. I stand by my word. I think I made the right decision so I wouldn’t take it away.”

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