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Scott breaks down SMU prospects: QB Jaylon Mascorro, LB Noah Spears and RB Toneil Carter in his scouting reports!

Jaylon Mascorro

2017 QB, Refugio HS (Refugio, Tex.)

Athleticism/Pocket Presence: Mascorro (above) might just be headed into his junior season, but the underclassman carries himself in the pocket as a veteran. Mascorro steps into his throws with confidence and has the quick feet and speed to evade most pass rush that he faces in the pocket. Mascorro also does a nice job of stepping up into the pocket when he needs to instead of simply scrambling and trying to run. Mascorro’s overall athleticism is put on display when he becomes a runner.

Running Ability: Mascorro, who rushed for 1,000 yards as a sophomore, is the epitome of a dual-threat quarterback. The quarterback’s quick feet and elusiveness make him a nightmare to try and tackle, and his overall speed allow him to pick up big chunks of yardage once he’s in the open field. Mascorro does need to learn how to run smart, however. At times, Mascorro runs careless and puts his body on the line too much, but that’s nothing that can’t be fixed with just a little bit of coaching.

Arm Strength and Accuracy: For being just a sophomore, Mascorro has above average arm strength. His strong arm complements his solid accuracy, and he can find wideouts anywhere on the field. He steps into his throws and delivers a bullet to his receivers. On deep throws, Mascorro doesn’t lose accuracy. The quarterback does a nice job of putting it where his receiver can catch it while also not putting too much air under his throw. On the shorter throws, Mascorro once again does a nice job of delivering hard-thrown strikes to his receivers.

Offers: SMU and Houston.
HT: 6-2
WT: 210 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.50 seconds (unofficial)

Jaylon Mascorro Highlights

Noah Spears

2016 LB, Nimitz HS (Irving, Tex.)

Athleticism: Overall, Spears has good athleticism and he shows it off when playing against the run. Spears does a nice job of keeping his balance through traffic, maintaining speed, and making the necessary cuts to get past the offensive line. Spears also does a nice job of redirecting if the ball carrier begins to make cuts in the backfield. The linebacker does need to get a little more fluid with his drop into pass coverage, but that should come as he gets more comfortable covering the pass.

Against the run: Spears does a solid job of locating the ball carrier and taking a direct route to make the tackle. The rising senior keeps his eyes in the backfield and does a nice job of clogging up the running lanes. Spears also does a nice job of shedding the offensive lineman on him in order to make the tackle. One thing Spears does need to work on however is his wrapping up ability. At the next level the linebacker wont be able to make arm tackles or grab the runners jersey to pull him down like he does often on his tape.

Against the pass: On swing passes to the outside, Spears does a nice job of closing quickly and making the tackle before the ball carrier has gotten too far up field. He doesn’t over pursue, and he does a nice job not letting the ball carrier cut back. When dropping into pass coverage, it looks as if Spears needs to get a little more confortable in open space. He does do a good job of keeping his head on a swivel and getting enough depth on his drop, but he needs to locate the receiver faster.

Offers: SMU
HT: 6-2
WT: 200 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.70 seconds (unofficial)

Noah Spears Highlights

Toneil Carter Jr.

2017 RB, Langham Creek HS (Houston, Tex.)

Speed and Agility: Once Carter gets into the open field, any defense is going to have a hard time catching up to him. Carter bursts through the front seven and uses his quick feet to makes cuts and finds openings in the defense for big gains. On outside runs, Carter does a nice job of getting outside quickly, and he uses his speed to get up field quickly. Carter isn’t the most elusive back, but his combination of quickness and agility allow him to make subtle cuts that make defenses miss.

Balance and Athleticism: Carter does a nice job of staying on his path even after taking a hit or two from the defense. The sophomore running back bounces off defenders, keeps his feet churning, and maintains his speed throw traffic. Carter also does a nice job of staying under control when running, which allows him to make the cuts that he does.

Tenacity: Carter has the speed, but at 190 pounds, he’s not one to shy away from contact. At the goal line, Carter puts his head down and does a nice job of getting the yards he needs to for the touchdown. Not many arm tackles will bring Carter down, and the running back does a nice job of breaking throw first contact. Overall, Carter’s combination of size, speed and low center of gravity make him a tough back to bring down.

Offers: Texas Tech, Texas A&M, TCU, SMU, Oregon State, Baylor and Arkansas.
HT: 5-11
WT: 190 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.47 seconds (unofficial)

Toneil Carter Jr. Highlights

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