2017 Oklahoma tight end gets SMU visit

2017 Wynnewood (Okla.) tight end Baron Odom got a visit from SMU last week and talked with Demo about it!

Standing at 6'4” and weighing 210 pounds, end Baron Odom is one big sophomore.

His length creates mismatches in the secondary, his explosiveness and size makes him a solid run blocker, and he has enough speed to get behind defenses.

His large frame will allow him to tack on weight as he gets older and gets closer to playing at the collegiate level.

Odom already has a solid foundation and shows tremendous upside as a sophomore. His potential for growth at his position could make him a valuable offensive weapon and that has a number of college programs watching him- including SMU.

On Monday, Odom had a chance to meet SMU secondary coach Jess Loepp at Wynnewood high school in Wynnewood, Okla.

“It wasn't really a meeting- it was more of us just bumping into each other,” Odom said. “It went good. We just kind of got to talk to each other and we talked about possibly coming down to a camp.”

Until Monday, Odom hadn't been in contact with anyone from SMU, but he got the sense the Hilltop had been keeping an eye on him.

“If I get a nice offer from [SMU], I could definitely see myself going there,” Odom said. “It's close enough that I could just go there and come home whenever I need to.”

Odom says a university that is closer to home is ideal, but it's really all about finding the right fit.

“I got a couple ideas,” the 2017 prospect said said. “But I am still keeping myself open to any offers. I'd like for it to be a big school with good education. Just somewhere that I feel I could enjoy going to.”

SMU is going through a bit of a rebuilding process-although you won't hear anyone within the organization calling it that-and part of that is embracing change and being open to new ideas.

During June Jones' time at SMU, the Hilltop seldom saw the Mustangs utilize a tight end effectively. So far new head coach Chad Morris seems to be looking for any innovative way to shake things up.

Odom has a lot of skill but is still very young. He shows promise of becoming the kind of player any coach would want to have.

SMU is certainly on his radar so, it'd be worth keeping a close eye on him as we move along through his recruitment.

Missouri, Texas Tech and Tulsa have shown interest and Odom expects to camp at Missouri, Arkansas and Washington State this summer.

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