Sanford Scouting Reports

Scott breaks down three SMU prospects in his latest Sanford Scouting Reports!

Chris Miller

2016 S, Lone Star HS (Frisco, Texas)

AGAINST THE PASS: Miller is the type of player that will go for the big hit over the interception, which can be both good and bad. He isn’t going to get burned by missing the interception and letting up a big play, but he does miss some opportunities for interceptions. Either way, Miller’s ability to pack the heavy hit also allows him to force fumbles on a regular basis. Miller’s overall athleticism is another reason it’s tough to throw on him because of his ability to jump and catch the ball.

AGAINST THE RUN: Miller’s closing speed immediately stands out when he faces the run. The Baylor commit doesn’t hesitate one bit and does a nice job of wrapping up and bringing the runner to the ground. Miller also does a nice job of locating the runner out of the backfield and quickly flying up to the ball. With Miller at safety, you’re going to need a talented runner to get past this ball hawk.

ATHLETICISM: Immediately, Miller’s speed stands out (4.57 verified 40-yard dash) on the field, which also makes him a dangerous threat, not only on defense, but on special teams as well. His athleticism makes everything easier for him, and gives him opportunities to make big plays on the ball and big tackles.

OFFERS: Committed to Baylor. Holds offers from SMU, Nebraska, Mississippi State, TCU, Tulsa and Wisconsin.
HT: 6-0 (Nike SPARQ Verified)
WT: 180 pounds (Nike SPARQ Verified)
40-yard dash: 4.57 seconds (Nike SPARQ Verified)

Chris Miller Highlights

Jordan Ward

2016 LB, Kempner HS (Sugar Land, Texas)

AGAINST THE PASS: Against the pass, Ward isn’t going to blow you away with big plays, but he gets the job done. When in coverage, he does a nice job of coming up to the ball, breaking his feet down, and making the formed tackle. Ward is also a guy that isn’t going to give up on a play even if he gets beat by a step or two initially. Overall, Ward needs to position himself better and react quicker so that he can be in position to make more plays on the ball, but he also won’t give up the big play over the top, so he isn’t a liability.

AGAINST THE RUN: Ward is at his best when he’s playing on the line of scrimmage against the run. He’s strong enough to maintain his position against the offensive line, and he does a nice job of quickly adjusting to the runner’s path. He also doesn’t commit too early, so he’s able to patiently wait, shed his blocker, and make the tackle once he’s in the right position. Overall, learning to react faster will lead to more tackles in the backfield for Ward, but his ability to wrap up and bring the ball carrier down near the line of scrimmage is solid.

ATHLETICISM: With SMU recruiting Ward for their star linebacker hybrid position, it’s no surprise the rising senior shows off his athleticism with his nice mixture of speed, athleticism and size. At 6-foot-3, 210-pounds, Ward and would fit nicely into the star position. Ward also shows off his athleticism through his ability to play both in the secondary and on the line of scrimmage. Ward is another SMU target that has good closing speed when tracking down a runner or pass catcher.

HT: 6-3
WT: 208 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.60 seconds (unofficial)

Jordan Ward Highlights

Clarence Henderson

2016 OL, Skyline HS (Dallas, Texas)

RUN BLOCKING: Henderson will undoubtedly need to put on weight before he reaches the next level, but the rising senior makes up for his lack of size with his athleticism. On outside runs, his quick first step allows him to easily get outside the defender and set up his running back’s lane. On inside runs, Henderson has a powerful first step, and his low center of gravity allows him to get under his defender and move him. Overall, Henderson uses his active hands to maintain his position on his defender, and uses his lower and upper body strength to push the defense where he wants them to go.

PASS PROTECTION: Henderson uses his wide base and active hands to his advantage in pass protection. The lineman’s quick feet help him stay in front if his defender, but there are times where he gets pushed back because of his weight. His overall athleticism, however, is a plus, and considering he’ll likely move to center at the next level, he will have both guard spots there to help him up the middle.

ATHLETICISM: Henderson’s athleticism is why he has received the offer he has so far. He has a great combination of quick feet, good leverage and fast hands. The key for Henderson will be to maintain his athleticism while also adding weight before he gets to the next level. The tackle could also work some on his hand placement, which tends to be drift outside at times in both the pass and run.

OFFERS: SMU, Arizona State, California, Houston, Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State, Texas Tech, UCLA, Washington, Rice and Louisiana-Tech.
HT: 6-1 (Nike SPARQ Verified)
WT: 234 pounds (Nike SPARQ Verified)
40-yard dash: 5.07 seconds (Nike SPARQ Verified)

Clarence Henderson Highlights

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