Sanford Scouting Reports

Scott breaks down three SMU prospects in his latest Sanford Scouting Reports!

D'Angelo Ellis

2016 DB, Cypress Ridge HS (Houston, Tex.)


Speed and Athleticism: Ellis will play defense at the next level, but his athleticism allows him to play both corner and quarterback for Cypress Ridge. Overall, Ellis has good speed and uses it to his advantage on offense to maneuver through the defense and escape pressure in the pocket. On defense, he uses his speed to stay with the receivers and quickly jump the short routes to break up the pass.

Against the pass: Against the pass, Ellis does a nice job of quickly reacting to his opponent and staying glued to his hip. He also does a nice job of turning his head around and locating the ball so that he can make a play on the ball. Ellis isn’t afraid to go after the ball as well, and a number of times you see him come down with a jump ball thanks to his aggression there.

Against the run: Ellis, who is on the smaller size, needs to be more aggressive when it comes to playing against the run. There are times where you can see him on tape waiting for the ball carrier to get to him instead of him attacking to make the tackle. He does a solid job of wrapping up, but you do see him give up solid chunk of yardage because of his decision to wait for the runner.

Offers: Houston, Rice and Army
HT: 6-0
WT: 160 pounds

D’Angelo Ellis Highlights

Carlos Grace

2017 RB, Crosby HS (Crosby, Tex.)

Speed and Agility: Once into the open field, Grace uses his speed to break away from defenders, but it’s his agility and lateral quickness that make him a dangerous runner. The ball carrier does a nice job of maneuvering through the offensive line and into the defense without losing any momentum. Grace hits the initial hole hard, but his ability to kick it into second gear once he finds open space makes him hard to bring down from anywhere on the field.

Athleticism: Once Grace takes the handoff, he does a nice job of staying low, staying balanced, and maintaining his stability even after bouncing off of defenders. Grace shows off his athleticism during many facets of the game, including kick return. His quick feet allow him to stop on a dime, while maintain his balance and quickly redirecting.

Tenacity: Grace is a back that doesn’t go down easy. He does a nice job of keeping his feet moving even when he is changing directions, and you wont see Grace give up on a play even if it seems like he’s dead in his tracks. His lower center of gravity also helps him bounce off of defenders and extend runs.

Offers: SMU
HT: 5-9
WT: 177 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.59 seconds (unofficial)

Carlos Grace Highlights

Nygel King

2016 CB, Klein Oak HS (Spring, Texas)

Speed and Athleticism: King’s long legs immediately make him a fast player, which allows him to stay with his opponents. His speed also helps him quickly get to the ball on a run. Kings abilities to stay with his opponent, get his head turned around, and make a play on the ball are made possible thanks to his athleticism. He is a fluid runner who simply needs to fill out his body some to fully maximize his frame’s potential.

Against the pass: King’s height and length give him a nice advantage to his overall game, but especially against the pass. Even if he does fall a step behind, his long strides, long arms, and leaping ability make it tough for quarterbacks to find their targets. But at only 175 pounds, King has a hard time pressing effectively. With some added weight and physicality, King could really become a complete defensive back.

Against the run: The rising senior needs to become more physical when playing against the run. King reacts quickly, and with no one in front of him, he does a nice job of bringing down the ball carrier quickly. King also wraps up well, but if a blocker comes his way, he tends to side step the blocker, which puts him out of position sometimes.

Offers: SMU, Kansas, Lafayette, Louisiana-Tech, Toledo, North Texas and Nevada.
HT: 6-2
WT: 175 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.50 seconds (unofficial)

Nygel King Highlights

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