Beck recruitment's skyrocketting

2017 George Ranch defensive back Adam Beck has picked up four offers in the last two weeks including SMU!

2017 George Ranch defensive back Adam Beck picked up an SMU offer just a day after his teammate, 2016 defensive back Mikial Onu, picked up an offer. SMU defensive coordinator Van Malone reached out to Beck’s coach to make the connection.

“First, I had already talked with coach Malone recently. He told coach to have me give him a call later tonight and I did,” Beck said. “He just said they were offering me and we talked about more stuff after that like choosing the right school for you, being close to home and he was telling me how young I am and that the recruiting process is going to blow up for me soon.”

Malone’s ability to connect with Beck not just as a coach has him impressed already.

“He’s just a real guy and it’s not like having a conversation with a coach, but like a natural friend. He talks to you as if he’s one of your friends,” Beck said. “I like how respectful he comes off and how real he keeps it.”

Beck doesn’t know too much about SMU, but says it’s a plus that it’s close to home.

“They’re not that far from where I am. I didn’t keep up too much with SMU this year,” Beck said.

Texas Tech and Houston have also offered Beck and stand out early as schools close to home that could be in on the rising junior.

“They’re great schools and aren’t far from home, which is great. I really haven’t kept up with either of the schools,” the 6-2, 180-pound defensive back said. “I did watch both of their bowl games and they seem like two good programs — all three of them actually.”

Beck also picked up a Kansas offer today, but has heard from Houston defensive backs coach Craig Naiver and offensive coordinator Major Applewhite lately.

While these schools are on him early, it doesn’t mean Beck has a favorite yet.

“I just like all of them really. I don’t have a dream school. I’m just going along for the ride.”

Relationships will be key to landing Beck in 2017.

“I’m looking for a good relationship with my position coach. I’m looking at it just not as football, but I’d like to get a good education too,” Beck said. “How much will my position coach help me get to the next level too.”

Beck plans to camp at as many schools as he can this summer and has been working on his footwork to help get his man and zone coverage improved.

“My man coverage and zone coverage. I play real long in bump-and-run and I’m trying to get my feet right,” Beck said. “I like man actually because you’re right there in his face and see everything right there in front of you.”

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