2016 point guard talks SMU

2016 Seven Lakes (Tex.) point guard Kameron McGusty talked with Hatts about his SMU interest and recruitment.

Coming off a strong junior season, 2016 Seven Lakes HS (Tex.) point guard Kameron McGusty has been hearing more and more from the SMU coaching staff lately.

“They really like the way I score the ball, they call me a playmaker on the court, I talked to coach Brown a couple times, he’s a real cool guy, he’s one of the best coaches of all time so it’s pretty cool that he actually wants you to go to his school and that stuff,” McGusty said.

The next step for the 6-5, 175-pound guard will likely be to take a visit to SMU, however, he is not sure yet when that will take place. For now however, he is happy to keep talking to the coaches a couple times a week.

“We talked about me visiting but we never really put a date on it or got a feel for it but hopefully one of these days I will go up and visit,” McGusty said, “The coaches get in touch with me probably once or twice a week, so not a ton but I keep in touch with the coaches a lot, so probably once or twice a week.”

The Seven Lakes guard is taking his time making a decision, with the knowledge that he’s going to be spending the next four years wherever he picks.

“I’m going to go through the process, I know that I’m going to be spending my next four years there, so it’s not that I don’t know where I want to go but I want to make sure it’s the right fit for me and make sure it’s perfect,” McGusty said.

McGusty has offers from Indiana, Texas, Oklahoma, USC, Auburn, Rice, Houston, Boise State, SFA, Northern Iowa, Texas Tech, Middle Tennessee State and Tulsa. One thing is for sure for McGusty, the size of the school will not play a big role.

“I haven’t even made a list yet so I’m still taking into consideration every school I have got an offer from,” McGusty said, “I’m not going to downplay any schools just because I have so many offers from high major schools, I’m not going to not pay attention to the mid major schools just because they’re the mid major schools so I’m really taking into account everything and I’m just going to weigh all my options and probably wait it out until the end of the summer.”

Although the long and lanky forward is a while from making a decision, he is paying attention to how much the assistant coaches talk to him to get an idea of how much he is wanted at that school.

“Basically the relationship that I build with the head coach during this recruiting process, some coaches are really busy and I understand that,” McGusty said, “Just trying to build a relationship with the coaches and how much you talk to the assistants because that just shows you how badly they want you, and I’m not saying that’s what’s going to make me decide but it just shows you how much they want you with them building that relationship.”

For McGusty, there will certainly be other factors involved when it comes time to make a decision on a school.

“The two biggest things is the coach trusting you and you trusting the coach, so if those things happen, things could be really good for me in playing college basketball there, so definitely that, definitely the little attractions like sold out games, the fans, the nice little facilities, the 24/7 access to the gym,” McGusty said, “Definitely the campus and that home feeling because you know I’m a student there first then an athlete so definitely where I feel home and where I can excel.”

As the summer rolls along and before he begins his senior season, there are a couple of areas the Seven Lakes guard would like to improve in.

“I think I do everything fairly well, I definitely want my jumper to be great, right now I think it’s good but I need it to be great,” McGusty said, “I need to work on my lateral movement on defense, I need to work on moving my feet, I definitely think I’m a defensive playmaker, I want to be a defensive stopper, I think that’s just going to help my game, so three or four more steals a game can only help getting transition buckets, getting my conditioning up, getting above being in good shape so I can go all 32 minutes without really getting tired.”

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