Sanford Scouting Reports

Scott breaks down three SMU prospects in his latest Sanford Scouting Reports!

Avery Davis

2017 QB, Cedar Hill HS (Cedar Hill, Tex.)

Athleticism/Pocket Presence: Davis’ first play on his highlight tape is a 65-yard touchdown run at Ford Stadium. With that, there’s no question the rising junior, who has dual-threat written all over him, has the ability to change games with his speed and athleticism. Davis does a nice job of finding his opening and hitting the gap quickly. Because Davis runs so much he does take some big hits, but he has also shown the ability to avoid tacklers with his quick feet and good vision. In terms of pocket presence, Davis rarely threw the ball on his highlight tape, so it’s hard for me to accurately judge whether or not he can stand in the pocket, while facing pressure, and deliver quality throws.

ARM STRENGTH/ACCURACY: Davis has all of one throw on his highlight tape. While it is caught for a touchdown, he throws off his back foot and creates a jump ball for his receiver and the defender. I like the power on his throw, but there’s no question Davis will need to fine-tune his throwing mechanics so that he can truly be considered a “dual-threat” quarterback.

OFFERS: SMU, Kansas, Oregon State, Texas Tech and Utah.
HT: 6-0
WT: 180 pounds

Avery Davis Highlights

Marcel Southall

2016 DT, Duncanville HS (Duncanville, Tex.)

ATHLETICISM: Even at 270 pounds, Southall has the athleticism to rush off the edge, up the middle, or even from a standing position. Southall’s base in both the pass and run stays wide, and he does a nice job of breaking down to make a tackle, whether it’s a running back or a scrambling quarterback. He also does a nice job of avoiding cut blocks. At his size, Southall still has good speed and shows it off when trying to beat stretch runs to the outside or when chasing an opponent down from behind. There are times when Southall stands too tall against the run, but his quick still allow him to adjust his path once he has located the ball.

AGAINST THE RUN: Southall does a great job of not running himself out of a play. If he is able to get past the offensive line, he does a nice job of squeezing his gap and shuffling down the line of scrimmage. If he does get stuck on the line of scrimmage engaged in a block, his height allows him to still locate the ball and make an attempt at the tackle. Southall keeps his feet churning once engaged, which helps him maintain leverage and disrupt the offensive line.

AGAINST THE PASS: Southall does a great job, when rushing the passer, of using his hands to shed his blocks. He keeps nice separation between his defender and is able to quickly turn the edge around the tackle to get to the quarterback. Southall has a quick get off from the line of scrimmage and uses his quick feet to redirect once he’s in the backfield. When rushing from the outside, Southall maintains his low leverage, which helps him beat the tackle. He could, however, work on staying lower when he rushes inside on stunts.

OFFERS: SMU, Alabama, Arizona State, Arkansas, Baylor, California, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Kansas State, Ole Miss, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas and Texas Tech.
HT: 6-3
WT: 270 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.81 seconds (unofficial)

Marcel Southall Highlights

Grayland Arnold (Baylor Commit)

2016 DB/QB/WR, Kountze HS (Kountze, Tex.)

ATHLETICISM: On offense, as quarterback, and on special teams, Arnold showed off his athleticism with his quick feet and agility. Arnold does a great job of avoiding tacklers with his feet and quick reactions. There are times where Arnold “dances” too much, and while it hasn’t hurt him yet, at the next level coaches will be adamant he runs north and south, not east and west. Arnold’s speed is what makes him a good defender. Even if he loses a step or two when playing corner, he is able to make up for it with his speed.

AGAINST THE PASS: Against the pass, Arnold does a nice job of staying with his opponent and playing the ball once it’s in the air. He might not be tall, but his speed allows him to stay with his receiver and then make a play. Even after giving up a catch, Arnold does a nice job of flying to the ball and making a tackle, preventing big plays.

AGAINST THE RUN: On runs, Arnold does a nice job of quickly recognizing what type of play it is and redirecting to the line of scrimmage to make the tackle. Arnold does not shy away from contact, which allows him to make some big tackles in the backfield. There are times, however, where Arnold goes for the big hit and does not wrap up, which he’ll have to change at the next level.

OFFERS: SMU, Baylor, Mississippi State, Nebraska, Oklahoma State and Sam Houston State.
HT: 5-9.5
WT: 167 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.45 seconds (unofficial)

Grayland Arnold Highlights

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