La Vega wide receiver loves visit

2016 La Vega wide receiver Brandon Benson visited SMU yesterday and talked with Billy about his time.

2016 La Vega wide receiver Brandon Benson came over to SMU yesterday for a camp visit and just hung out, but the visit opened his eyes to how great SMU is for him.

"I loved it. I love the coaches. I love the program. I love the facilities and everything they're doing. I really enjoyed it," Benson said.

Benson talked with SMU head coach Chad Morris for about an hour with his family. Morris laid out his plan for Benson, where SMU sees him and how he would enjoy his time at SMU if he went there.

"It was amazing. He sat my whole family down and told us what it'd be like if I went there and what he stood for," Benson said. "They would treat me right and things like that. It was nice. It seemed like it would be real fun, loving and that I'd have a good career and make it to the next level as I aspire to do. It just seemed like everything would be right."

The 6-1, 185-pound Benson also met with receivers coach Justin Stepp, running backs coach Claude Mathis, offensive coordinator Joe Craddock and strength coach Trumain Carroll. Stepp pushed Benson to jump on board and the pair could make a great team.

"Coach Stepp was just telling me how much he'd like me and how much he'd love to coach me," Benson said. "It was a real family bond with both coach Craddock and Stepp. I really enjoyed it."

Scout's No. 15 ranked receiver in Texas was impressed with Stepp's energy and the balance of work and fun on the field.

"He was real up-tempo. He seemed like he likes to have fun with his players and coach them up real well so I like that," Benson said. "He runs around, gives people a lot of compliments, but also criticizes so he can make them better and I really like that about him."

SMU's facilities and campus impressed Benson as well.

"It was amazing. The thing they're building. The part I had seen had a lot of remodeling going on so I couldn't see much, but the pictures I saw showed it was going to be really nice,"

Benson called SMU a great fit and was happy with how the coaching staff said he'd be used in Morris' up-tempo offense.

"They said they'd use me as a 1-on-1 receiver. If they see certain coverages, the ball will most likely go to me so it was great," Benson said.

SMU, Kansas and Illinois are Benson's top three right now with Oklahoma State and Purdue also likely to get visits.

"I'm leaning real strongly to SMU right now. They're definitely in my top three so I'm really thinking about it right now," Benson said. "I'm going to visit the rest of my top five schools and probably by the end of July, I'll have a decision made."

Oklahoma State could offer when Benson visits, but that doesn't mean the Big 12 school is jumping to the top of his list.

"Oklahoma State watched me practice and they want me to come there and I was talking to them and they said they're most likely going to offer me there," the No. 100 ranked receiver nationally said. "They would probably be somewhere in the top five, top 10."

As for all the other schools in pursuit of Benson, the bar has been set.

"Everything I saw at SMU yesterday. It was cool for me and I really liked it," Benson said. "That gave them a serious boost because they seem like a great program and whatever I saw at SMU, I'm looking for that in every other school. They set the standard."

Houston, Colorado State, North Texas, Northwestern, Texas State, Texas Tech and Wisconsin have also offered.

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