Carlisle recaps SMU visit

2016 Dickinson linebacker Blake Carlisle was at SMU for a camp last week and talked with Billy about the visit!

2016 Dickinson linebacker Blake Carlisle took in SMU’s camp last Wednesday and came away impressed following his solid performance.

“The coaches were nice and people were nice. It was a nice atmosphere out there,” Carlisle said. “It was a pretty good camp. I got camp champ. I liked it because they were into it. I’ve been to some camps when they were just like okay camp is over go home, but they actually talked with us.”

SMU linebackers coach Archie McDaniel worked with Carlisle 1-on-1 and the Dickinson prospect got a chance to see what it’d be like to play for McDaniel.

“He’s very exciting. He shows a lot in his coaching. He’s not just sitting there,” Carlisle said. “He’s moving around, which some coaches don’t do, but I like about him.”

Carlisle had to head out of town right after camp so he didn’t get to spend a lot of time with the staff, but did also talk with SMU head coach Chad Morris.

“I talked to coach McDaniel and coach Morris. It was pretty good. He (Morris) was just asking how I’ve been and he was just welcoming,” Carlisle said.

After the camp visit, Carlisle has SMU right at the top. Toledo, Texas State and Louisiana Tech have also offered Carlisle.

“Out of all the offers I have, they’re my No. 1 right now,” Carlisle said. “It’s really just SMU.”

Carlisle doesn’t have an idea of when exactly he’s going to decide, but he does plan on visiting SMU again this summer.

The staff keeps up with Carlisle, but is really showing him the love with all the mail he gets.

“Not often. It’s every few days and we’ll check in and say hey how you doing,” Carlisle said. “I do get letters in the mail every day from them, which shows me they like me. If not every day, I get one every other day.”

This spring, Carlisle only competed in half the practices, but said he really worked on his skills on the offensive side of the ball since he will play both ways.

“I improved on my receiver skills more and that’s really just about it,” Carlisle said.

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