Rowlett forward talks SMU visit

2016 Rowlett forward Oliver Powell talked about his SMU unofficial visit last week with Billy.

2016 Rowlett forward Oliver Powell made the short trip over to SMU to visit the campus and got the full experience with the coaching staff.

“They were just showing me around the campus. He said it wasn’t that big, which is true and I don’t really have a preference on the size of the campus, but I really liked the small campus,” Powell said.

The staff talked with Powell about majoring in business and what it can do for him after college.

“He said we have a real good business school, which is top 20 nationally. That really impressed me,” the 6-6, 185-pound forward said.

After the tour, the entire staff talked with Powell and his mom about everything going on with the program and Larry Brown.

“He (Larry Brown) was talking about traveling all over the world and just being in that room with all the coaches, it just showed me that they’re all really down to earth people, which is good,” Powell said. “That really opened my eyes and impressed me a lot.”

The staff made it clear that Powell is a top priority to them as well.

“All the coaches liked me and said that’s rare to have everyone like a kid. Usually two of them will like a kid or something like that, but they all like me,” Powell said. “They said they really want me to come to their school so I can really feel the sincere interest.”

After the meeting, Powell watched SMU’s 40-minute summer workout and then it was an open gym time where Powell jumped in to scrimmage.

“We played three or four games before I had to leave. It was a really good experience,” Powell said. “They’re very welcoming. As soon as I got on the court, they were like what’s your name and introducing me so it was definitely nice to come in and see this could be your home.”

SMU made such a big impression that they’ve entrenched themselves in Powell’s mind for his signature.

“It really opens my eyes a little more and pushes them up the list, if I were to have a list, in the top five or top three,” Powell said. “The biggest thing that impressed me was the players and how they were so welcoming. I never met them and playing with them, just in that little time frame, I could see if I went to that school, we could work really well together.”

San Diego, Ole Miss, Kansas State, William and Mary and others have offered Powell as well

St. Louis, SFA, San Diego and Rice are talking to Powell a lot lately as well as SMU, who said they’re going to ramp up their interest now that Powell has also shown interest.

Assistant coach KT Turner has taken the lead on Powell’s recruitment, who can see a solid relationship forming.

“He’s a cool dude and is very relatable to the things I want to surround myself with,” Powell said. “He’s a real down-to-earth dude that I can build a strong relationship with really fast.”

Powell has his mind made up as to what he wants out of his college experience.

“A good business program and I want go to a school that’s going to develop me into the best person I can be,” Powell said. “I don’t want to sit. I want to go to a school that I can play at right away and not 20-25 minutes, but I want to come in as a freshman and contribute.”

Ole Miss, Kansas State and SFA are standouts to Powell as well as SMU, who wants to sign in the early period.

“Before basketball season. Right after this tournament in July, that’s when I’m going to start narrowing it down as far as where I want to go.”

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