Green recaps SMU visit

2016 DeSoto (Tex.) cornerback A.J. Green talked with Hatts about his SMU visit and upcoming decision!

With just a couple weeks to go until decision time, 2016 DeSoto HS (Tex.) cornerback A.J. Green was on SMU’s campus last week for a visit.

“I liked my visit good, I liked how they were saying they were going to change the program and their ability, I like where they are heading overall,” Green said.

The DeSoto cornerback also had the chance to visit with one of his good friends La'Darren Brown.

“It was good, we are really good friends and we talk about it all the time,” Green said.

One of the most impressive parts of the visit for the 6-0, 170-pound cornerback was getting to see the coaches once again.

“I think the coaches are really good, like coach Morris and coach Loepp, it seems like they really know what they are doing and I like that,” Green said.

When Green first stepped on SMU’s campus, changes to the facilities were already in the planning stages, but the progress he saw last week had him impressed.

“They are getting new everything, like they are getting new everything right now and they’re just changing everything around,” Green said, “They wanted to build a new atmosphere, they have the ability and they’re going to be top notch.”

Green has offers from a number of different schools, and although he doesn’t have a list yet, a couple did stick out in his mind.

“I don’t have a list yet but I will be sitting down and releasing a list soon,” Green said, “I have offers from Missouri, Louisville, Wisconsin, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, and then a couple others.”

It won’t be long after Green releases that list that he decides which school he will attend.

“In about two weeks, two to three weeks I am going to be making my decision,” Green said.

It is very likely that Green does have an idea as to which school he wants to attend, but one thing is for sure, he knows what he’s looking for in his future school.

“The relationship with the coaches, does it feel like home and what’s the proximity to home, so my parents and my friends can come watch and get out there and see me,” Green said.

With a year until he steps on campus, the three-star recruit also knows he has a couple areas he needs to improve.

“I want to get better at everything but I really want to improve my speed, and just get better strength wise, and conditioning wise,” Green said, “I think that’s about it.”

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