Sanford Scouting Reports

Scott breaks down three SMU prospects in his latest Sanford Scouting Reports!

Corey Rau

2016 TE, Cinco Ranch HS (Katy, Tex.)

Athleticism: At Rau’s size, he has a good blend of speed, quickness and physicality. He’s the perfect size for a tight end, but he can also run well in open space and isn’t afraid to try and make a move to get those extra yards.

Pass-catching: Rau (above) is not just a one-dimensional tight end. He is a solid blocker as well as an offensive threat. Rau gets good release from the line of scrimmage and does a nice job of adjusting his routes to where the openings are in the defense. Rau also has the ability to catch balls in traffic and, because of his size, he isn’t afraid of a little contact in the secondary. And at 6-foot-4, Rau has the height and hands to go up and win jump balls with defensive backfields.

Blocking: There are times when Rau tends to get a little too high when run blocking, but overall, The rising senior has good technique and good power. Rau engages his opponent and does a nice job of keeping his feet moving and not finishing his block until the end of the play. There are times when the tight end gets caught with his hands too far outside, which could lead to holding penalties, but that’s something easily fixable.

Offers: SMU, Houston, Rice, Fresno State, Iowa State, Minnesota, North Texas, Purdue, Texas State, Tulsa, UCF and Washington.
HT: 6-4
WT: 243 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.73 seconds (unofficial)

Corey Rau Highlights

Brandon Benson

2016 WR, La Vega HS (Waco, Tex.)

Athleticism: Immediately, Benson’s speed stands out to me. The rising senior has the speed to run past defenses, but he also has the athleticism to make the tough catches. If Benson gets into the secondary with some space, there’s no catching up to him. He also has the ability to haul in passes all over the field, whether it’s in the flat, over the middle, or down the sideline. Benson’s ability to adjust to his quarterback’s throws also stood out to me when watching the La Vega product on tape.

Pass-catching: Benson does a great job of catching passes and quickly turning up field to get as much out of the play as he can. His speed allows him to beat defenders in the open field, but he also has the quickness and agility to maneuver himself through traffic and find small openings. Benson also shows on his tape that he has good hands and that he can catch passes out in front of him when he’s crossing the middle or catch passes over his shoulder down the sideline.

Route-running: This is one area of Benson’s game that I think could use a little bit of work. We know Benson has the speed to get past defensive backs, but sharpening his route-running will only make him that much more dangerous.

Offers: SMU, Houston, Texas Tech, Wisconsin, Colorado State, Illinois, Kansas, North Texas, Northwestern, Texas State and Purdue.
HT: 6-1
WT: 186 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.49 seconds (Scout Verified)

Brandon Benson Highlights

Craig JimLawson- Committed to SMU

2016 LB, Mansfield Timberview HS (Arlington, Tex.)

Athleticism: JimLawson has a great mix of speed, quickness and agility. The linebacker puts his athleticism on display when rushing the passer. His quickness allows him to shoot the gaps and wreak havoc in the backfield. Against the pass, JimLawson also has the ability to run with receivers in the secondary. JimLawson also has a strong lower body and does a nice job of bending a winning the leverage battle when he needs to beat offensive linemen.

Against the run: As a linebacker, I love JimLawson’s ability to fill the hole and take on the runner’s lead blocker. Even though he is a little on the light side, he doesn’t back down from a physical challenge. With some added weight, it will be easier for JimLawson to shed the block and make the tackle instead of simply just taking on the blocker. The linebacker also has good instincts and plays down hill. On outside runs, JimLawson does a nice job of maintaining outside leverage and shedding his block to attack the ball carrier.

Against the pass: Against he pass, JimLawson does a nice job of using his speed and quickness to get to the quarterback. The rising senior gets off the line of scrimmage quickly, closes in on the quarterback, and leaves the offense with no options except to accept the sack. JimLawson has the speed to rush from either the outside or the inside. He does a nice job of getting around the tackle from the outside, but he also has shown he can split the gaps on the inside of the line.

Offers: SMU, Houston, Air Force, Louisiana-Monroe, New Mexico, Northern Illinois, Texas State and Utah State.
HT: 6-2
WT: 205 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.48 seconds (unofficial)

Craig JimLawson Highlights

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