SMU Recruiting Big Board 2.0

Billy breaks down SMU's 2016 recruiting class with rankings and who SMU is targeting with remaining spots!

I’ve got some new info on here pertaining to running backs. A lot of this is similar to what you’ve already seen on the board, but I’ve really focused this board into rankings overall.


1. David Moore (Alpharetta, Ga.)

It’s becoming more and more clear that David Moore will be a Mustang even with his ever-improving stock. After visiting campus this past weekend and getting to really connect with some of the other commits, Moore is ready to get his senior year done and get to the Hilltop. Not worried about him going anywhere..

Backup Prospect: Ft. Worth All Saints QB Luke Anthony – Anthony was again on campus this weekend and has a couple FCS offers, but if Moore ditches last minute, which it’s apparent now that he won’t, SMU might not even take a quarterback.

Running Backs

1. Robert Mahone (Prosper, Tex.)

SMU ultimately believes Mahone will sign with them and I have to agree. For Mahone to back off his silent commit from SMU, something weird happened. Mahone is what SMU really wants at running back in this class and the staff would love to see him ultimately jump on board. Tough part is that Mahone blew them off completely this weekend.

2. Rakeem Boyd (Stratford, Tex.)

Boyd is a little bit of a long shot just because the staff hasn’t gotten him on campus at all. Boyd is definitely focused on bigger fish and he’d be a major recruiting coup to land.

3. Peytton Pickett (Sam Houston, Tex.)

Pickett has already tried to commit, but SMU is holding his spot for now. SMU will let this play out all the way until signing day and Pickett could very well wait that long as well if he wants to try that route.

4. Nic Smith (Arlington Martin, Tex.)

Smith won’t let us get in touch with him really at all so this is a tough one to judge, but SMU is looking at him still, but is concerned with his size. His production is unquestioned, but he’s another kid SMU can afford to slow play.

Prediction: Last time we were together, I said SMU would miss on D’Vaughn Pennamon and La’Darren Brown. I was right. Crazy I know. I do think Mahone will commit and flip to SMU eventually. It will take an official visit I really believe for SMU to lay the red carpet out for Mahone and show him what’s up. After these four, SMU will wait for a kid to blow up during the season and take a look at whoever that is as a backup to these four. Pickett would likely commit to SMU if his offer was committable.

Wide Receivers

1. Adewale Omotosho (Plano East, Tex.)

The latest in Omotosho’s recruitment is that he not only came to the cookout, he returned the next day to hang out again. That’s huge considering Omotosho watched SMU pick up a receiver commit in Brandon Benson at the cookout. He’s got a great relationship with the staff and SMU really has everything he needs and wants. Is it enough to beat out the big time schools? That’s another tough question.

2. Brandon Benson (Waco La Vega, Tex.)

A kid that looks the part already and made his commitment this weekend was Brandon Benson. He’s a great kid and uber-talented. He’ll definitely pick up more offers along the way so SMU will have to keep him locked down from the big dogs that will continue to add themselves to the picture.

3. Joshua Shelmire (Lutheran South, Tex.)

Got to watch Shelmire at camp this weekend and he’s really impressive. He’s a natural strider and someone who can go down the field for balls. Him and David Moore have plenty of time to work on chemistry so I’m not worried about those errant throws, but Shelmire looked smooth and is a sure-fire signee for SMU.

Backup Prospects to Watch:
2. Lancaster WR Tyrell Alexander — An explosive player that can really be moved all around the field that just decommitted from Oklahoma State. Alexander does keep up with Claude Mathis and the staff so just something to watch if SMU has to replace someone late in the class.
2. Arlington Bowie WR Anthony Hawkins — SMU can wait for Hawkins and keep up with him if something crazy happens. He’s a kid SMU was certainly slow playing before the commitments of Benson and Shelmire.

Prediction: I said last time that I think SMU will be done with Benson and while I’m still weary to name SMU a true leader for Omotosho, they continue to make the decision harder and harder for him. Omotosho might not be ready to take the leap of faith with a rebuilding program. Regardless of all the points the staff can make and the great relationship, it’s really tough for a guy like Omotosho, to maybe look at it and say I want to go there. Although, deep down I think there’s something tugging at him to go to SMU.

Tight Ends

Corey Rau (Cinco Ranch, Tex.)

After getting to meet Rau in person, I can see why SMU wanted his commitment. When I first saw him, I thought he was an offensive tackle. Lean, big shoulders and just strong. SMU will have a kid that they would have taken at Clemson without a second thought, according to a source. That’s a big time land for the program at a position that is so crucial. Great kid that just wants to play football and can’t wait to get here. SMU is done at tight end, but has to do a great job of holding down Rau. His commitment won’t stop other schools from coming.

Backup Prospect to Watch: Pearland Dawson TE Antoine Cannady — Cannady has camped at SMU multiple times and has the size you like at tight end. He’s a little raw though and not as decorated as the other two tight ends with offers from Texas Southern, Army, Navy and a few others. Don’t know if the staff was really keeping up with him at all though.

Prediction: SMU is done at tight end and holds on to Rau.

Offensive Line

1. Jacob Todora (Frisco Wakeland, Tex.)

I would love to see Todora come in and challenge for time at right tackle. I still feel that’s his natural spot. Every single linemen committed is athletic enough to play at pretty much every spot. Todora has that nasty streak — oh and he gets bigger every time I see him.

2. Kadarius Smith (Plano, Tex.)

Smith is one of the linemen looking to enroll early at SMU quite possibly. That’d be huge to get talent on campus even earlier at a huge position of need.

3. Ryan Becker (Marble Falls, Tex.)

Gabe Brooks said it best that Becker has the most potential out of anyone in the class. I think Becker ends up at offensive tackle and is just an incredible athlete. He’ll put the weight on in a college program. He’s got great feet and if he can develop the right amount of bend, he’ll be a stud.

3. Harrison Barton (Houston Christian, Tex.)

Barton is being looked at for center and what better coach to learn from than Dustin Fry? Barton isn’t set in stone there, but has solid size already and the smarts to be a leader at the position from day one.

4. Braxton Webb (San Angelo Central, Tex.)

There’s a lot of nasty in Webb and SMU is lucky to have locked him down so early. He finishes blocks, is a great student and will be a kid that in a college weight program, will add the right upper body strength to be a force at tackle.

Backup Prospects to Watch: Skyline OL Clarence Henderson — SMU has a backup option at the very least, but the staff is pretty confident they’ll land their guys in the class.

Prediction: SMU is done at offensive line and unless someone backs out, SMU is good to go.


SMU has seen its picture clear up along the defensive line and some high-profile names emerge as having SMU right in the mix, which changes the board.

Defensive Line

1. Andrew Fitzgerald (Flower Mound Marcus, Tex.)

Fitzgerald visited SMU frequently in the spring and has a solid relationship with the entire staff. He was invited to the cookout, but couldn’t make it. A source told me, it’s down to SMU and North Carolina. There may be another school or two in there, but Baylor and Oregon are out. Fitzgerald informed Baylor, who wanted him to play inside, that he’s not considering them. Oregon was going to get a visit, but really that was about just saying he visited. Fitzgerald has also been turned off by schools over recruiting him. Whenever I’ve seen him at SMU, he just seems like he’s chilling and isn’t being bothered, which apparently is the way to go with him.

2. Michael Badejo (Mansfield Timberview, Tex.)

I still think Badejo is the biggest talent that’s currently committed at defensive line. He’s one of the few that won’t slide inside, but instead will be a true pass rushing threat for the defense.

3. Demerick Gary (Dallas Kimball, Tex.)

Gary will slide inside at SMU and as he continues to add size and get bigger, that’s the best spot for him in my mind. He’s got plenty of athleticism and is comfortable in space so with that quickness and added strength, he’d be a big threat inside.

4. Ivory Jackson (Amarillo, Tex.)

Jackson spent two days on SMU’s campus hanging out with the SMU players and commits to help form a stronger bond with StangGang16. That’s a big deal. Couple that with him feeling pressured into committing to Texas Tech and regardless of what he tells us, I do think SMU will ultimately pull him away if he makes up his mind before Wallace. SMU would love to steal this kid from Texas Tech.

5. Joe Wallace (Dallas Skyline, Tex.)

Hopefully, the family environment and tight-knit group really made an impression because Wallace is definitely feeling SMU, but he sounds like he will take his official visits before deciding. Benson did release a top five before committing to SMU just days later so that really doesn’t mean much. It could just click eventually for Wallace and that would be it.

6. Patrick Jones (Arlington Heights, Tex.)

Again, I’m not so sure SMU isn’t already planning to have Jones at defensive tackle like Gary, but he’s a player I certainly have pegged along the interior and both could be a nasty tandem on the inside.

Backup/Long Shot Prospect to Watch: Allen DE Levi Onwuzurike — Total long shot at this point, but if classes fill up and spots are taken, SMU will find room for Onwuzurike especially if Fitzgerald heads elsewhere. It’s a stretch, but you never know.

Prediction: I don’t think Fitzgerald ends up at SMU. Something about him heading to North Carolina just seems like it will happen. There could be other schools that jump in on him, but for now, I don’t think he’ll be a Mustang. Other than that, whoever commits first, Wallace or Jackson will be in this class I really believe. SMU would then be done along the defensive line.

Star Position

1. Blake Carlisle (Dickinson, Tex.)

A true athlete playing in space and one that will be great to watch perform this fall. Dickinson has used him all over, but I’m really excited to watch his fresh film whenever it goes up. SMU has to be on high alert and keep him committed as he had a weird recruitment.

2. Jordan Ward (Kempner, Tex.)

Another palyer that’s super comfortable in space, but could even end up at linebacker.

3. Myles Duke (Goose Creek, Tex.)

Duke will have to really adjust to the Star position, but luckily will be playing some defense this year for Goose Creek.

Prediction: SMU is done at the Star position and will just work on holding onto Carlisle, Ward and Duke.


1. Craig JimLawson (Mansfield Timberview, Tex.)

JimLawson has great speed to come from the linebacker position. His ability to fire through the gaps is what I love about him in the run game and his ability to run sideline-to-sideline is huge for this defense. If SMU can’t land another linebacker, they’ve got a heck of a land for the Leo linebacker in JimLawson.

2. Noah Spears (Irving Nimitz, Tex.)

The only other target that SMU now appears in on is Spears, who the staff is looking at taking to continue to build a solid relationship at Nimitz. To be fair, the kid can really play especially in space, which SMU linebackers will be expected to do well and control multiple gaps. He was on campus Sunday and that’s a great sign.

Backup Prospects to Watch:
1. North Shore LB Maciah Long — A true long shot, but one of the top prospects in Texas at linebacker even while playing quarterback for North Shore. SMU hasn’t gotten him to campus, but he’s a good option.
2. Coppell LB Solomon Wise — Wise is a tweener between linebacker and defensive end and SMU could use him like Michael and Delontae Scott. Wouldn’t be a bad backup if the staff wanted another linebacker.

Defensive Backs

1. Caesar Williams (S. Grand Prairie, Tex.)

Williams is really high on SMU at this point and I expect him to make a decision quickly. Williams has told the staff he should have a decision in a weekish. Would be another great, versatile defensive back in the class.

2. A.J. Green (DeSoto, Tex.)

SMU won’t even take a commitment from Green at this time, but ultimately I see him at Oklahoma State anyway.

3. Michael Clark (Cedar Hill, Tex.)

While Clark has immediately come into Cedar Hill and started after coming over from Sachse, he’s still got to prove he can handle the load at one of the top programs in Texas. He impressed in the 7on7 circuit, which is encouraging. Clark stands 6-2, which adds great length to SMU’s defense at the safety position, where he’s projected to play.

4. Eric Sutton (Cedar Hill, Tex.)

Sutton has the best speed and instincts of the group and there’s no secret why he’s the highest rated. Sutton has solid length and great break on the ball. He’ll be going up against some of the best talent in the state all year and that will help him develop even more. He’s also one of the ring-leaders of this class and seems to know just about everyone.

5. Mikial Onu (Richmond George Ranch, Tex.)

Onu brings some size at 6-foot, 190 pound with 4.5 speed, but I like his break on the ball and ball skills. Onu has the ability to make plays with the ball in his hands after he gets it and that’s a huge deal to a defense that hasn’t been able to really create turnovers.

6. Christian Davis (Waco Midway, Tex.)

Davis is a candidate that a lot of people think could pick up some bigger offers. SMU will have to keep an eye on him and keep working him.

7. Collin Rock (Cypress Ranch, Tex.)

Rock stood out big time at camp playing anything from quarterback, receiver and safety. What a football player. I’m getting excited to see him back there at safety for SMU.

Long Shot Prospect to watch: Pearland Dawson DB Mykul Mitchell — Mitchell visited SMU unofficially on Friday, but not for the cookout. The staff didn’t have him in for it, which shows where he stands, but he wouldn’t be a bad backup if someone left. He’s certainly high on SMU.

Prediction: Caesar Williams will commit to SMU and cap this class at defensive back. He’d be another huge land for SMU and would commit over P5 offers. A great way to lock up the class at DB, but makes it even more difficult for them to keep them all with so many committed.

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