Big man keeps SMU in top 10

Billy spoke with 2016 Scout 4-star center Schnider Herard's guardian Derrick Shelby about SMU and Herard's recruitment.

2016 Prestonwood Christian center Schnider Herard has narrowed his list to Kansas, Texas, Indiana, Arizona, California, Mississippi State, SMU, Texas Tech, Alabama and Purdue.

"SMU landed on it for one, you've got a good coaching staff there that has a proven track record of success at different levels," Shelby said. "It is close to home if he decided to stay close to home. It's just a mixture of that. I think they've done a good job recruiting him and talking to him so when he narrowed his list of schools down from 34 to 10, they were still on it."

SMU assistant coach KT Turner has made a good impression on Herard since he began recruiting him.

"He's a nice guy and an extremely hard worker. He's a real nice guy and he's been great," Shelby said.

As far as setting up a visit to SMU, that might have to wait until the season when Herard can head over for a game at Moody.

"We've been over there so many times. I don't know what we've got coming up soon," Shelby said. "I know he's in the get-back-to-school mode. School starts in 10 days and he's getting ready for that and getting his drivers license."

All of the schools that have made Herard's list are now in hot pursuit with the news that he's still interested.

"We've heard from all 10. Once that list goes out and people realize there's still interest, work kind of goes into overdrive and schools realize there were a lot of good schools left off that list and they're still on that list," Shelby said. "I think we hear from all of them pretty equally."

If there's a school standing out, Herard hasn't tipped that yet.

"I don't know if any schools stand out to him. Schnider is an easy going type of kid so he hears from coaches all day," Shelby said. "I do know that the 10 on his list are the ones he has the most interest in pursuing his academic and athletic career there."

Mississippi State, California and Arizona will all get visits sometime this fall, but other than that, Herard doesn't have a schedule expect for a timeline on signing.

"I think he's leaning on waiting till the spring, but he's going to tell me what he wants to do," Shelby said. "Last time I talked to him about that, he was waiting to see how things end up and watching these teams play to study how they play and their system to see where he'd be the best fit."

During the EYBL season with Nike Pro Skills, Shelby say Herard get better all around, but Herard's game shined in a few specific areas.

"I think the biggest thing for him this summer was he shoots a really high percentage from the free throw line and I also believe he wants the ball a lot better. He's always been a good rebounder, but now he wants to get everything. He's stronger and more athletic and understands the game more. His basketball IQ has picked up as well to see when to hedge ball screens and recover."

Herard averaged nine points on 51 percent shooting with six rebounds a game playing with Marques Bolden and Andrew Jones this summer on a tough Pro Skills team.

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