Amarillo lineman has high goals for season

2016 Amarillo defensive lineman Ivory Jackson updated his recruitment and talked SMU with Billy.

2016 Amarillo defensive lineman Ivory Jackson wrapped up a busy summer of visits and preparing for his senior year.

"The whole summer was great. Headed to Tech, went to SMU, had plans to go to Kansas State, but that didn't happen," Jackson said. "Other than that, it was great and a lot of fun."

As far as training camp, Jackson and the defense has been all business.

"Defense is loving getting the pads back on. We kind of call it business because football is our job. When we get to state, we get a bonus," Jackson said.

Jackson is committed to Texas Tech, but did leave the door open for something to change.

"I'd say about 90 percent on Tech. I guess you could say I'm pretty solid on them," the said. "I'm looking at SMU still and Kansas State is still sitting there. I still have those two. I'm pretty focused on Tech, but you never know what could happen down the road."

Jackson's relationship with his assistant coach is going to ultimately help guide him to the right school for him.

"There's nothing pushing me away from Tech or other schools grabbing me from there, but my old coach is a very big factor in what school I'm going to go play at. Tech is the main priority, but whatever he and I talk about and agree on is where I'm going to go. We talk about that once or twice a week. We talked about how solid we are to Tech, but we're waiting for the season in case of other offers. In my eyes, I'm pretty solid to Tech."

One school that has offered recently is Michigan and Jackson has also received mail from UCLA, LSU, Missouri and Arkansas.

"I did get an offer from Michigan so that was big, but you never know. The only trip I have planned though is to Tech after the season with other commits. I'm committed to Tech and that's where I'm at right now. It does have a little pressure (other offers), but you know you've got a good school to go to and good support there."

SMU's class of 2016 commits have hit Jackson up consistently since his visit to SMU in July.

"Stang Gang has a bit of them that hit me up. There's a couple of them that reach out to me and want me to switch over to them," Jackson said.

The SMU coaching staff has continued to stay in contact with Jackson as well.

"They message me on Twitter a lot. It's kind of funny because when they message me on Twitter, Tech will sometimes message me right after. I guess they have the same mindset right now," Jackson said.

Assistant coaches Keith Gunn and Buddy Wyatt have consistently messaged Jackson, but head coach Chad Morris has really begun to push too and is building a relationship.

"He's just talking about if anything happens or if I don't want to go to Tech, I've got a place," Jackson said. "He gave me this poker chip and it's really cool. It has an SMU deal on it and he said if I need to switch, he said to bring that poker chip and he'll write my name on it so it can join all these crazy poker chips of players that went there. That's kind of cool. My relationship with him is pretty cool."

For his senior season, Jackson has high expectations.

"It's always to go to state. I've been dreaming about going to state. I'm going to try and get a record like number of tackles or sacks. I'm putting the expectations really high for the defense to be the number one defense in the district."

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