SMU Scrimmage Notebook 8/22

Billy was at SMU's scrimmage and took notes plus talked with Chad Morris and Shakiel Randolph.

Chad Morris Press Conference

SMU Star Shakiel Randolph


— Quarterback Darrell Colbert really impressed today. When a play wasn't there, he displayed the ability to tuck and run and also not force balls. Colbert looked very comfortable in the play action game and made the easy throws when they were there.
— Colbert kept the ball on a read option and took it 60 yards on to the house.
Xavier Jones displayed great burst and elusiveness at running back. Jones went from multiple 8+ yard runs and took a couple screen passes for 20+ yards as well. Jones and Prescott Line will be the primary ball carriers it appears especially with Darius Durall being nicked up.
Courtland Sutton was virutally uncoverable out there today. Both Ben Hicks and Darrel Colbert both hooked up with Sutton for touchdowns. Sutton is a clear cut starter and should be a problem for opposing defenses to defend.
— The offensive line appears to be set as well in terms of the starting group and did a good job opening holes for West
Kevin Thomas looks like the real deal even though he still makes some freshman mistakes at times. Hicks and Thomas hooked up for a few passes
— Outside of defending Sutton, the secondary was physical and didn't really allow any other receivers to make plays. Jordan Wyatt and A.J. Justice were back at the safeties with William Jeanlys, David Johnson, Ajee Montes, Jesse Montgomery and Kevin Johnson getting the majority of the snaps at cornerback. Troy Castle and Darrion Richardson worked in another group at safety.
Missouri transfer David Johnson is a lock in my mind to be the field corner for SMU this season.
Deon Green, the South Carolina transfer, blew up a Braeden West run and showed his explosiveness.
R.C. Cox filled in well for Shakiel Randolph at the Star, who saw his snaps limited. Got in the backfield and played well in space.
— All of the kickers did a fine job of either kicking the ball out of the endzone or putting it 2-3 yards deep.
Chad Hedlund nailed a 30-yard field goal
— With Jeremiah Gaines limited and Hunter Herndon out, Mitchell Kaufman took a pass in the flat from his three-back spot and took it 50 yards for a score.
— During the two-minute drill, Hicks started off rough with a batted ball and an incomplete pass, but a free play after an offsides allowed him to find Kevin Thomas for a first down.


— Ben Hicks was inconsistent today and that's been a storyline during camp. SMU looks for consistency in decision making for their quarterbacks and Hicks hasn't displayed enough of it to grab the No. 2 job. Some days he looks like he's the guy to back up Matt Davis, but other days he is wildly inconsistent.
— Hicks was picked off by William Jeanlys when he stared down Courtland Sutton on a corner and threw into triple coverage in the endzone.
— Thomas false started once and also ran the wrong route at a goalline pick play and the staff let him know it. Those are some of the little things that might be keeping Thomas from running with the first team against Baylor.
— Garret Krstich had a rough first series with a few high throws (albeit under pressure) and then had a pass picked off after Alex Honey slipped coming out of his break.
— Honey didn't have much of an impact and appears to be far down the depth chart at this point.
— Mike Armstrong missed a field goal in the two minute situation while Chad Hedlund missed a 45-yarder.


Darius Joseph, A.J. Buffini, Darius Durall, Zelt Minor, Kyran Mitchell, Hunter Herndon were some of the noteworthy players in yellow jerseys. Joseph has been out for a couple weeks. Don't see him starting at this point.
— James Proche, Xavier Castille, Xavier Jones and Deion Sanders, Jr. were some of return men on kick returns for SMU with Sanders, Jr. taking one for a 55-yard return.
— Zach Wood and Matt Davis were both held out of the scrimmage for precautionary reasons.
— Matt McNew and Jackson Mitchell saw a lot of time at linebacker together with Jonathan Yenga and Nick Horton seeing little to no playing time.
Justin Lawler, Mason Gentry, Deon Green and Andy McCleneghen were the No. 1 grouping it looked like along the defensive line.
Chris Biggurs also worked with the third group along the defensive line, but was moved around at different positions. He didn't have much of an impact, but his playing time will be something to watch along the defensive line.

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