SMU's Bryson DeChambeau wins U.S. Amateur

SMU golfer Bryson DeChambeau recapped his U.S. Amateur win with Pony Stampede!

As SMU senior Bryson DeChambeau finished off a historic summer that saw him become only the fifth player, joining Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and Ryan Moore to win the NCAA Individual Championship and U.S. Amateur, the talented senior said it might take some time for the magnitude of this victory to sink in.

“It’s a incredible honor, first off to be able to represent my school, as well as, my country its quite an incredible honor, I don’t have the words to describe it right now,” DeChambeau said, “It still hasn’t even hit me yet even though it has been a couple of days, I’m sure it will soak in but by the time I get to the Masters I’m sure I will understand the implications and have a good time.”

After the opening 18 of the final, DeChambeau look unsettled and followed that up with a wayward drive on the first hole but one clutch save at the first helped turn his round around and from there DeChambeau steamrolled his opponent Derek Bard in route to a 7&6 win.

“I felt like I was an assassin out there, I wanted to beat him on every single hole, I went out there and tried to push the pedal to the metal and I did that,” DeChambeau said.

The talented senior also said the confidence that allowed him to pull off the US Amateur victory was largely a result of his win at the NCAA tournament earlier in the summer.

“I think I believed in myself more that I could pull the shots off at any given point in time and that NCAA win pushed me to believe that I could pull off any shot,” DeChambeau said.

Despite the tremendous amount of success DeChambeau has experienced this summer, that has included an NCAA tournament win, multiple appearances at PGA tour events including the US Open, and now an US Amateur win, the plan has not changed for DeChambeau to finish out his time at SMU before turning professional.

“I plan to stay in college and get my degree, whether I get it this year I’m not 100% sure, I still have a lot of classes I still have to take, although I only have two more classes to complete my major, there are a lot of GED requirements that I need to take,” DeChambeau said, “I will play in a couple of professional events I know that I will do that, but for now I want to play in college and represent our school and represent our country as well.”

One of the key figures that DeChambeau continuously attributed his success to so far in his career has been his longtime coach Mike Schy and a physics book he gave him years ago.

“When I was 15 Mike Schy threw the book at me and said go read it if you want to be the best ball striker in the world, as I did at that time,” DeChambeau said, “He threw the book to me and said go read it, and I went and did it to the best of my ability, it was a really difficult read, it was a college textbook it was foreign language to me but after a couple years of guidance and help from Mike we came up with the one plane swing plane, which is called a zero shifting motion from the golf machine which is what it means technically, and its made me the player I am today.”

This swing is not easily repeatable for other players, but DeChambeau says the immense amount of time he has put into his swing has allowed him to feel totally at ease with his swing.

“I have a very good guestimate, you could say, I do a very good job practicing as hard as I can and I’ve been able to understand how far I can hit it through those repetitions and that determination that I have on the practice range,” DeChambeau said.

As for the future, well that future for now is at SMU and he is focusing on his upcoming Walker Cup appearance, as well as, his SMU season, which will begin shortly after that.

“I’m not thinking about the future, I’m thinking about what I can do right now not only for my school but for my country as I go play in England in a couple of weeks.”

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