SMU Football Media Availability 9/8

Chad Morris, coaches and players spoke to the media ahead of SMU's matchup against North Texas.

SMU HC Chad Morris

Week 2 Chad Morris teleconference

SMU DC Van Malone

SMU OC Joe Craddock

SMU WR Courtland Sutton

SMU DL Zach Wood

Key takeaways:
Daniel McCarty is out for the year. He'll be replaced by Braylon Hyder at left guard, who played well in the Baylor game according to the staff, but just has to get in better game shape as he was out in the spring.
— Morris said the team gave good effort overall, but that only saw great effort occasionally. "Good effort fits in. Great effort stands out."
— Not converting on third downs and having poor first down plays were the key things that stood out to the staff offensively.
— Missed tackles at first hit resulted in 246 of Baylor's yards.
— Expects UNT to bring it on Saturday as its their season opener, but also expects his team to be up following last year's embarassment.
— Morris said he only took note of the North Texas loss after June Jones' departure. He did watch it though and said, "I didn't think too highly of it."
— They'll watch last year's film from a personnel standpoint, but it's a new defensive scheme being put in place and very limited film on it in that regard.
— Morris says SMU will have to be ready on special teams. UNT is very sound in that regard.
— SMU has to learn to finish. You can't just play three quarters.
Matt Davis has to get down to "extend his career."

UNT HC Dan McCarney 9/8 Press Conference

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