South Grand Prairie DB talks SMU game

2016 South Grand Prairie defensive back Caesar Williams talked with Billy about his visit to SMU!

2016 South Grand Prairie defensive back Caesar Williams had quite the weekend with his team upsetting Arlington Martin on Friday before taking in the SMU-North Texas game. Both were highlights of his weekend.

”It was good to see them come back a year later that they got beat by 40 last year. That was a great thing to see and watch happen with a new coaching staff and Chad Morris can do in a year’s worth of time,” Williams said. “It’s big.”

The initial performance of Morris’ 2015 squad has Williams impressed and recognizing it plays a big role in his choice.

”It plays a big part in where I want to go and the potential this program has especially with the class they had last year and I know my class has a couple good commits in that class,” Williams said. “In about two years, it’s like coach Morris said, it could be like Baylor when they had RGIII turn around their program. Coach Morris and a couple recruits could turn around the program.”

Morris saw Williams on the field after the game before bringing him into the locker room to celebrate the win.

“I saw him and he was all poured down with Gatorade, but when he saw me, he was the happiest person on earth. He was happy to see me and happy for me to be a part of it and see it,” Williams said. “It was lit. It was great."

After the game, Williams hung out with some of the team and is already looking like family.

Jesse Montgomery was one of the corners I watched because I like his size and height since he’s kind of like me. He made me ride this little skateboard thing that everyone rides now and they’re just good people all around the campus.”

Williams wasn’t able to make it early to the game, but he did talk to some commits including Eric Sutton and SMU target Joe Wallace.

“We was all in the locker room with a couple guys we play against in our district and we all know each other,” Williams said. “I know David Moore wants me to be a part of the class. He talked to me last time I was there.”

The most impressive thing for Williams was the big time improvement from week last year to this year.

”How SMU just pulled through. It’s a big part of being 1-11 and then turning around and hanging with Baylor then beating a team that beat them by 40 last year,” Williams said. “Everything was impressive how they just pulled through and washed them away at the end.”

After this visit, Williams said he now can really see himself playing for his hometown school.

”I like SMU. It is a place where I could see myself playing. I’m still thinking, but SMU is pretty high,” Williams said. “Those are still waiting on officials. I get calls every week because coaches get one per week so everyone keeps in touch, but SMU keeps in touch the most.”

While Williams doesn’t have a decision date yet, he expects to visit Indiana or Illinois on a bye week, but it could be after the season so he can see if he’d like to play up in the cold.

”That could be a possible chance, but that distance doesn’t really phase me because my dad says sometimes it’s good to get away, but sometimes it’s nice to be close to have the family see me with ease.”

Williams wants to get back for another SMU game soon, but is also focused on proving a lot people wrong in their own season.

”It was a hyped game and they were No. 5 and we were underdogs according to a lot of reporters and we turned heads.”

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