SMU Football Media Availability 9/15

Chad Morris, coaches and players spoke to the media ahead of SMU's matchup against TCU.

SMU HC Chad Morris

SMU DC Van Malone

SMU OC Joe Craddock

SMU QB Matt Davis

SMU DE Andy McCleneghen

Key Takeaways:

— Coach Morris thought the team found a way around turnovers and special teams errors and that's a big sign of progressing. They found a way to make things happen.
— Defense played great and if they would have given up touchdowns on the special teams errors, it would have been really tough to win.
— Tough to get things going on offense with all of the mistakes, but Morris gave credit to North Texas for that.
— Once SMU scored three straight possessions, we really saw the guys get things going.
— Morris said the team didn't have a great week of practice, but they responded well and found a way to win.
— Someone told Morris on Sunday that it was 665 days since the last win in Ford and he said if that happens again, there will be a new staff in here and the staff wanted the team to understand that winning is tough and to celebrate it when you do.
— SMU has to use freshmen and it's a week-to-week hold on a lot of the freshmen to see if a redshirt will be burned. That's just where the program is.
— Morris says Courtland Sutton will be one of the best receivers in the country before it's all over with.
— Morris thought the offensive line wasn't as effective vs. North Texas as it was vs. Baylor. Said it was about missing a little bit of the toughness the guys up front had vs. Baylor.
— Morris said the formula for success is proven, but the team got a little sorry for itself last week, but expects them to be ready to go.
TCU has elite speed at the playmaker position, but just because they've seen it, doesn't mean they can cover it. Thought the defense really responded well after giving up a lot of uncontested balls.
— Malone said that guys like Kyran Mitchell, Anthony Rhone and Jackson Mitchell are earning more PT and they've built off of great springs and no one works harder than Anthony Rhone.
— The players know the defensive staff is pushing for perfection and while they played well, they still had too many mental errors.
— The defense doesn't have many issues with players and it starts with the character and personality of the defensive line according to Malone.
— Coach McDaniel has instilled an edge in the linebackers, Malone said.
— Craddock said that practicing against a 4-2-5 everyday will certainly help in preparing for TCU.
— Davis' fumble at the goalline was wrong, but Craddock was happy with the way he came back and finished the game.
— Craddock was proud and encouraged by the way the team went down and responded while teams in the past would have folded. One constant was the team telling each other that they're tired of losing.

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