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2016 defensive back Caesar Williams gets TempoCopter visit

Scott talked with 2016 South Grand Prairie defensive back Caesar Williams about his recruitment and visit from SMU head coach Chad Morris.

During the Mustangs’ bye-week, head coach Chad Morris was out in the “Tempocopter” paying visits to a number of SMU targets.

One of Morris’ stops took him to the Desoto-South Grand Prairie matchup where 2016 two-star defensive back Caesar Williams was playing.

The Mustangs, who remain in hot pursuit of the senior’s talents, displayed just what lengths the coaching staff is willing to go to in order to win the services of the players they’re after.

Williams, who was in the middle of playing when the coaching staff showed up, was impressed to say the least.

“Seeing that—knowing that they were there to come see me in that type of fashion was great,” Williams explained.  “It was an amazing thing to look at because no school has ever flown out a helicopter to my game.”

Williams added that having a helicopter show up to see him is something he can’t ignore in the long run.

“They’re a top interest,” Williams said.  “And in the long run, when it comes down to signing and committing, they’ll be one of my top schools.”

While the Mustangs made a statement by taking the helicopter to show Williams their interest in him, the staff is constantly in contact with him and expressing just how vital he is to their future plans.

“They always reach out.  No matter if it’s after a win, a loss, or during a bye-week, they’re always talking to me and inviting me to their next game,” Williams said.

Specifically, Coach Loepp, Coach Morris and Coach McDaniel reach out to Williams the most, and McDaniel has been able to talk with Williams extensively about the recruiting process.

“They understand everything,” Williams said.  “Coach McDaniel and me talk a lot about how he was a recruit as well, and going through the same situation.  He knows how it is to be a high school recruit.”

SMU remains in a good spot for Williams, but by no means are they the only school currently catching the eye of South Grand Prairie product. 

Williams’ current top six consists of Indiana, Illinois, Houston, Texas State, Tulsa and SMU, with the Hoosiers and Fighting Illini set to get his first two official visits.

Those are the two-stars’ only planned officials at the moment, but Williams does plan to take other unofficial and official visits after his season. And while Williams admits anything can happen on a visit, he says he wants to take all of his visits before making a final decision.

For now, Williams tries to keep his focus on the game that he loves, and not on the chaos of recruitment.

“I don’t want (the recruitment) to get in the way,” Williams said.  “I just try to keep everything between me and my family, because in the long run, they’re going to be helping me make my decision.”

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