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SMU Hoops Practice Notebook 10/30

Patrick was at SMU hoops practice and talked with Markus Kennedy, Semi Ojeleye and Larry Brown, plus has notes.

Larry Brown Q&A

Markus Kennedy Q&A

Semi Ojeleye Q&A

The Carlos Daniel effect

New strength and conditioning coach Carlos Daniel arrived in September after five seasons with the New Orleans Pelicans. He had the team in the weight room before practice, overseeing a specific strength and stretching routine. Players stepped into the hall to stretch with the elastic bands, did a core workout and The on the court warm-up was pretty similar to last year’s, but the players had the ball in their hands for all the warm-ups, even if they were doing a simple quad stretch. Daniel is vocal throughout practice and not just in warm-ups and strength drills.

Shot Clock

The team practiced with both a 24-second and 30-second shot clock to help adjust to the new 30-second clock in college hoops this year. They even replicated press defense and press-beating offense in preparation for any team that wants to be more aggressive with the clock now shorter. But Larry Brown still preached the basics of his offense: extra pass, screens and getting good shots.


Larry Brown and players had good things to say about freshmen Shake Milton, Jarrey Foster and Sedrick Barefield. Brown said Milton is nearly 6-foot-6, and he looks every bit of it. He has some filling out to do but he has long legs for a guard. He’s a deliberate and slower mover sometimes but his skill set is polished and he’s mentally tough. Barefield looks comfortable after a few weeks, and the coaches are pushing him. Brown got on him today for being too predictable in transition, and he has a lot to learn about playing point guard under Brown. But Brown said that Barefield has been responsive and he’s learning a lot from Nic Moore. Foster is long in the upper body and shows no effects of his spring 2014 ACL tear. He’s developed a nice three-point shot too, especially from the corner.

Other notes

Brown and K.T. Turner worked with the guards, Tim Jankovich and Jerry Hobbie worked with the big men.

Semi Ojeleye played with the big men and played a lot in the post. SMU seems like it wants to see what he can do playing in the paint.

Sterling Brown showed he’s still an accurate three-point shooter. He’s not going to be a high-volume shooter there, but he can’t be forgotten as an option on the perimeter off a screen for one or two three-point attempts per game.

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