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Upon Further Review: SMU vs. Temple

Demo has your Upon Further Review after SMU's loss to Temple on Friday.

I just want to know what it is about facing ranked opponents that brings out the best in SMU. 

I don’t really care that the final was 60-40, because that was a 45-40 game and one that the SMU Mustangs could have won if the final eight minutes went their way. 

Friday’s loss to Temple perfectly mirrors this SMU team, in that they are really close to being good…just not close enough. 

I’ve been pretty critical of SMU’s offense this season, but the last couple weeks we’ve seen them make strides. I mean, if you put up 40 points against the American Athletic Conference’s best defense but still lose, it aint your offense’s fault. 

Patrick mentioned it in both of his articles following the game how SMU got caught on several big plays.   

And yet, I still find it hard to fault the defense because they fought tooth and nail to keep SMU in the game.  SMU essentially spotted Temple 14 points before deciding to play Friday night. And when they did, they stormed back to take a three-point lead. And later in the game, when Matt Davis fumbled inside the SMU 20, the Mustang defense impressively held Temple to a field goal—hard to knock the fight. 

So, I’m not really sure who or what to blame the loss on. Can you we just continue blaming June Jones? I’d most certainly like to, but when do we stop using him as our excuse for losing games?  

There is an obvious lack of experience on this team. There is also a lack of depth in very key positions. All of that is certainly due to Jones’ inability and unwillingness to actually recruit for this program while he was here. Still, this team has been competitive in game where SMU was supposed to be a sacrificial offering (Baylor and TCU). Things like those two games aren’t supposed to happen to really bad, 1-8 teams. 

No matter how much we applaud him, it will never be enough—Chad Morris has done an amazing job turning the football culture around at SMU. You can see it in the current players, but even more in the prospects and commits that interact with this coaching staff all the time. 

Morris has taken a team seriously wanting in winning ingredients and made them competitive and (sometimes) fun to watch. There was a great cartoon in the past week’s edition of SMU’s student newspaper, formerly known as The Daily Campus that showed a doctor handing an SMU fan a giant pill of patience and saying, “Call me in two years.”

I like that it was a giant pill, because the possibility of another one win season sure isn’t easy idea to swallow. 

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