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Upon Further Review: SMU vs. SHSU

Demo has your first Upon Further Review of hoops season following SMU's win over SHSU.

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen. While it has been (relatively) fun writing Upon Further Review for the Football season, I can’t imagine it being any more fun than writing it after basketball games. After all, it was during last season that UFR was born. And not to take away anything from my football UFR’s but basketball seems like a more natural pairing for this series. It’s also nice to be able to write after a win every now and then (#ShotsFired).  Yup, that’s right, I said it. So, without any further ado, I give you the first 2015 basketball edition of UFR! 

If you were still feeling down about those NCAA sanctions, Saturday’s 85-50 whooping of Sam Houston State either helped lessen the sting from that post season ban or worsened it.  If you’re of the same sunny-disposition as me (most of the time) then everything is groovy. That’s right—groovy. 

Even though he played a team-high 31 minutes, Nic Moore didn’t have to do anything. Four Mustangs tallied 10 points or more and four others had at least seven points. The only players who didn’t get on the board (one tear) were Johnathan Wilfong and Sedrick Barefield. 

It had to be a pretty cool experience for Moore, to sit back and watch the freshman Shake Milton go to work off the bench. A 17 point, four rebound, four assists, and four steal game is one heck of an SMU debut for Milton. He was 3-5 from downtown and 7-9 from the field. 

And he wasn’t the only freshman to go to work Saturday night, Jarrey Foster dropped eight points, four boards, three assists and a block against SHSU. 

Getting production from the young guys is huge, especially early on. If they can get comfortable early in the season, it will bode well for SMU in the…never mind. 

As great as it was to see the young dudes ballin’ out, it was equally as cool to see Ben Moore dominating early with 15 points and six boards. He’d add a couple more blocks in the second to finish with eight and would also end the night with three blocks (#MooreCowbell). 

I mentioned before the season that while I was worried about SMU’s height in the frontcourt, their athleticism would possibly even some of that up. With Markus Kennedy and Jordan Tolbert dealing with foul issues in the first half, SMU was forced to play even smaller. Fortunately, Moore decided he would go beast mode and take the Bearkats to school.  

If I take issue with anything—other than Kennedy and Tolbert’s foul issues—its turnovers. SMU turned the ball over 14 times to SHSU’s 12. SMU had a problem with this last season and it allowed some team to hang around when they had no business to. So, let’s keep an eye on this turnover situation as we move forward through the season (#TurnOverWatch2015).

All in all, it was a great night. SMU avoided an upset at home and was successful in the first game under Tim Jankovich during Larry Browns suspension. The Freshmen got involved and were major contributors. Ben Moore went HAM. And Nic Moore got to pick and choose his spots.  

Not perfect, but a good start to what should be a fun season. 

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