Upon Further Review: SMU vs. Navy

Demo has your Upon Further Review following SMU's loss to Navy.

Hey guys. How’s everyone doing—you doing okay over there? Don’t worry, everything will be okay. 

Sure, SMU got killed 55-14. And you know what, no, no there isn’t anything positive to take away from the loss. 

That’s right; Navy didn’t punt until the end of the third quarter.

 Also Keenan Reynolds broke the NCAA record for career rushing touchdowns. After finding the end zone four times, he now has 81 career TDs. So, SMU fans will only have to be reminded of that over and over again this season. Every game from here on out that Reynolds plays in will be accompanied with a “who broke the career mark for rushing touchdowns earlier this season against SMU” conversation over a montage of his four touchdowns. I can see it now. 

What’s maybe even worse than that? An offense that has been putting up a very solid 30 points a game all season long was absolutely shut down. 

You know it was a particularly terrible day when the post-game notes from SMU PR is a paragraph long and half of it is about Matt Davis while another quarter is about Deion Sanders Jr. 

 Looking over that email was maybe the saddest thing I’ve ever read after a game. I’m just saying if you have so little notes, maybe use a bigger font and double space.  At least give the illusion that we did something noteworthy. 

On the other hand, kudos for keeping it real—respect.  

In reading that lovely document, I learned that Davis now has 25 passing touchdowns this season which is tied for sixth most in a season at SMU. He also has 582 rushing yards and that’s good for fifth most in a season as a Mustang. 

On top of that, Davis has 4120 career yards of total offense (13th at SMU) and 1195 career rushing yards (fourth at SMU among quarterbacks). 

Let’s keep in mind that Davis has only played—well started—in fifteen games. Those numbers are impressive. 

You know what isn’t impressive? His 2-13 record as a starter.  

And that isn’t exactly fair of me, but it I’m not making a stat up. Look football is a team sport. It takes more than one guy to win a game, let alone three or four. 

It’s a shame that the team around Davis isn’t better, because he has certainly performed better than a 2-13 starter. Unfortunately for him, he’s been playing on a 2-13 team. 

Two more weeks—just two more weeks and we can kiss another 1-11 season goodbye. 

You know what’s a real shame though? College football doesn’t work like the NFL. I mean, if it did, we’d at least have two really high first round draft picks to show for back-to-back forgettable seasons.   But we don’t.  

So it’s kind of a weird spot to be in, because losing doesn’t help you re-build. It hurts you even more. 

We’ve all signed on to believe Chad Morris will turn things around and you can already see some signs of that change.

We all want to believe that, given enough time, Morris can make SMU a winning program again. Well, what if he can’t?

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