The Pony Stampede Hilltop Review 11/20

Come inside Pony Stampede's Hilltop Review for the latest in SMU recruiting news.

Sherman getting early SMU interest

By: Billy Embody

2017 Allen offensive lineman William Sherman camped at SMU this summer and came away impressed with the experience. 

“It was fun. It was a good camp. I like the stadium. We played there in the semifinals game before state,” Sherman said. “We got a tour and got to watch some film with them.”

Sherman got to talk with defensive backs coach Jess Loepp and offensive line coach Dustin Fry before he headed home.

“He (Fry) was a really cool guy. I liked him. He knows when to and when not to get on you and stuff,” Sherman said. “It was really fun. That was a good experience.”

Loepp sent Sherman a letter this season wishing him well and Sherman has been planning to give him a call soon.

“He (Loepp) gave me his card, but I haven’t found time to call him yet,” Sherman said. “I liked him. I talked to him after the camp and he’s a cool guy and a great coach.”

SMU head coach Chad Morris talked briefly with Sherman and also made a good impression.

“I could tell he was a really good family guy and I liked that a lot,” Sherman said.

Even though SMU’s season hasn’t gone as planned, Sherman can tell the new staff will have that changed soon.

“The record doesn’t show it, but I can tell they’re going to turn it around not this year, but maybe next year. It’s just going to take time,” Sherman said. “They’re going to do something big kind of like what’s happening in Houston right now.”

In terms of finding the right school for him, it’s early, but Sherman values a relationship and honesty with the coaching staff the most.

“I’d like to see how the coaches are like, the education and the history of the school. If they have a bad record, what they’re doing to change it and if they have a good record, how the coaches are going to maintain that.”

Purdue and Houston are the only other schools to show interest right now.

Hampton talks SMU interest

By: Andrew Hattersely

It was a slow start to the year for 2016 El Dorado HS (Tex.) wide receiver Tyquez Hampton but things have picked up lately especially with SMU

“It’s been going pretty great, I talked to coach Gunn and coach Craddock and all of them every day, I’m supposed to being seeing coach Morris sometime in the first week of December he’s coming to see me,” Hampton said. 

The 6-2, 200-pound receiver speaks to the coaching staff, especially coach Gunn, on Twitter frequently about the direction SMU is heading and what he needs to do as a player as well. 

“They told me stuff that pretty much I already knew about the school like the academic rate and all that, the team and how they are trying to bring guys in to come help the team now,” Hampton said, “They told me they loved my film, once they saw my film they wanted to start recruiting me so they told me I could be a top division one prospect.”

Despite their record, Hampton has liked what he’s seen from SMU and knows the future is bright especially by the time he steps on campus. 

“I think it’s a great school, it seems it’s probably going to be pretty set by my graduation year, they’re bringing in top kids now by the time of my graduation year they should be one of those top teams,” Hampton said. 

Right now Hampton plays Basketball during the offseason so he will likely not be able to take a visit to SMU until the summer, but taking one is certainly a desire for him. 

“Probably be in the summer because I play multiple sports so it’s hard for me to find time but I’ll definitely come in the summer time before 7 on 7s,” Hampton said.

Staying in Texas is also a goal for the talented wide receiver, however he is not opposed to leaving the state if the right opportunity comes along. 

“I’m open to going anywhere, to stay in Texas and close to my family but still if I was to get an offer from a different school outside of Texas before SMU and I was to go there I would have no problem leaving Texas but I would just prefer to stay here,” Hampton said. 

Interest has picked up for Hampton after he 7 on 7 performance with schools from around the country keeping in touch with him. 

“It’s going well, at first it was going pretty slow but this year all of a sudden it picked up I started getting letters from Oregon, California, Kansas, Colorado State, Florida State, Texas Tech, TCU, Nebraska and it just went from there,” Hampton said.

He only has one offer as of right now but he is expecting more to come in once more coaches see him play in person. 

“I did receive one from UTEP,” Hampton said, “They want to offer me but they want to eyeball me first to see if I really fit my profile and make sure my stuff is accurate.”

Hampton is mainly receiving looks as a receiver but he is trying to improve on both sides of the ball, especially for his senior year. 

“I would say my spot improvement and my change of direction because I play safety so I need to improve my change of direction, it’s not slow but it’s not as fast as I would like it,” Hampton said, “Also breaking down on my route running cause I tend to rise up when I’m about to make my cuts.”

Williams puts recruitment on back burner

By: Scott Sanford

With South Grand Prairie (Tex.) in the middle of a playoff run, 2016 defensive back Caesar Williams has—for the most part—put his recruitment on the back burner.  

The 6-foot-1, 168-pound corner remains in constant contact with his top six schools, but will still wait to take any official visits until after his season ends.  

Out of Indiana, Illinois, SMU, Houston, Texas State and Tulsa, the Hoosiers are the only team with a set official visit right now.  Illinois will likely follow, but that date has yet to be set. 

While Williams is still deciding on his other visits, he says he’ll likely take a trip to the Hilltop at some point.  

“I was thinking about taking an official to SMU, but that may turn into an unofficial just because it’s so close,” Williams said.  “It’d be nice to take that official to SMU, but that’s all up to Coach Morris.”

Williams added he hopes to make it to SMU’s final home game of the season against Tulane Saturday, but with his team’s playoff showdown against Ryan, it may not happen.

Williams and the Warriors will face off against an undefeated Raiders squad that handled their business against Plano East in the first round.

South Grand Prairie pulled off the upset in the first round after beating Trinity, which gave Williams a ton of confidence.

“Each team is in the playoffs for a reason, but the undefeated thing, doesn’t mean a thing now,” Williams explained.  “If you make the playoffs, your record is 0-0, and we’re now 1-0.”

The two 6A teams will square off in AT&T Stadium—something Williams and his teammates are all too familiar with.  

After losing in overtime to Trinity last season in Arlington, Williams knows what adjustments need to be made.

“We’ve just got to stay focused.  We can’t get a big head and we can’t let the crowd or the big stage get into our mind.  We just need to play like it’s another game so we can get to the next round,” Williams said.

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