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Upon Further Review: SMU vs. Memphis

Demo has your Upon Further Review following SMU's loss to Memphis.

Did y’all enjoy that leftover Turkey on Saturday? I sure did.

Did I enjoy the game on Saturday? Oh, you mean the Mavericks game—yea, yea I did. 

You know, the tickets were a gift from a friend of a friend. So even though the seats were pretty high up, they were free, I can’t complain. Although I was wearing an SMU sweater and as I was leaving the game I heard someone drunkenly yell at me, “hey, Mustang!” 

“Mustang” being what very close friends and most strangers usually call me, I turned around. After confirming I was, indeed, Mustang,  I made the universal head motion for, “what the heck do you want.”

Surprised to have gotten my attention, he rubbed his shiny bald head, killed his beer, and scratched the “K” on his Kentucky jersey as he shouted, “What happened to you guys today? Y’all looked like—“…you get the idea.  

I said,” What do you mean “today” that’s been us all season.”  Confused by my self-deprecation, he did the dumb-guy, “dice shaking motion,” followed by a raspberry. Satisfied by this surprise exchange I proceeded to exit American Airlines with my friends. 

Later that night, while I lay in bed, unable to sleep, I thought about my conversation with the drunken Kentucky fan suffering from a severe case of crome-domey-itis. 

That wasn’t SMU all season long. In fact it was a complete personality swap; they traded spunk and grittiness for lethargy in what was a truly apathetic showing.  

And I get it to a degree. This game didn’t mean anything—the season was over. While SMU only won two games this season, there were a lot of positive improvements. 

Still, after a 63-0 loss, it’s hard to remember what those positives were. Memphis is a good team, but not the best SMU had faced all season. 

I loved Scott’s rapid reaction, especially this bit: “with no SMU player deserving of a Player of the Game honor…” I second that emotion and refuse to dig into the statistical evidence that SMU sucked on Saturday.   

SMU might have been bad this season, but they weren’t 63-0 bad. They put 21 points on Baylor, 37 on TCU, 28 on Houston, 40 on Temple, and even managed 14 against Navy. Each of those opponents are in the top 25. 

The Saturday after Thanksgiving, the last game of the season and with nothing left to fight for…I get mailing it in. But my understanding it doesn’t excuse them. 

Look at the basketball team, they are banned from the postseason. Before they even take the court, their season was already destined to be cut short. No matter what they do, they won’t be dancing in March.

Yet, they keep fighting. They keep working. They keep trying to improve week after week. They aren’t mailing it in. They aren’t giving up. 

There is a culture that Chad Morris is trying to bring to SMU. A week ago, it still seemed that everyone had bought in. 

Today, that’s clearly not the case. There are some players that obviously haven’t bought in and in a meaningless game, decided to quit. 

Not only does next season mean more players recruited for Morris’ system, but more players that believe in it.

There is something magical that takes place in a locker room when everyone buys in to the head coach and his message. A lot of times, it can be the difference between finishing 2-10 and playing past week 12.   

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