3 Up 3 Down: SMU vs. New Hampshire

Patrick gives his 3 ups and 3 downs from SMU's win vs. New Hampshire

Bouncing Back

Keith Frazier played his worst game of the season on Wednesday, but had 23 points, 20 of which came in the first half. He took the game from "comfortable lead" to "major blowout" with his 15 straight points late in the first half. Jordan Tolbert only made three of 10 field goal attempts on Wednesday, but had 12 points and 13 rebounds against the Wildcats. He missed only one of his six field goal tries. Most of the shots were dunks, but he couldn't get those shots against TCU. Better yet, he and Markus Kennedy combined for only four fouls.

Ben Moore

Making his first start since his suspension, Moore had 17 points and nine rebounds. Three of his four offensive rebounds came early in the game and he cleaned up any SMU misses while taking advantage of a New Hampshire frontcourt that looked like it had no interest in blocking out on rebounds. He looks much more consistent than last season, when he started hot and then faded a little bit.

Sharing the Ball

SMU assisted on 23 of its 33 field goals, including eight of its first 10 made threes. Seven players had multiple assists, including Markus Kennedy, Nic Moore, Shake Milton and Frazier each finding Jordan Tolbert for an alley-oop. SMU had plenty of space to move the ball against a bad New Hampshire defense, but aside from an early Keith Frazier missed contested three (and to nitpick, an early contested made three as well), it shared the ball extremely well. Somewhere, Larry Brown is smiling.

Open Threes

It's hard to find many negatives from a 54-point win, especially when the losing team makes only four of 24 three-point attempts. SMU played as good a defensive game as it had all year, but New Hampshire is also not very good. When a team struggles as badly as New Hampshire did inside the arc, it will work harder to get open shooters. SMU gave them some open looks from deep, but just does not have the shooters to make them. 

Texas to...New Hampshire?

The East Coast is a fertile territory for recruiting, even at the mid-major level. But New Hampshire decided "nah" and went all-in on recruiting in Texas. Seven of its players are from Texas, including all of the starting five. Something seems fishy here...Maybe if head coach Bill Herrion stuck to recruiting other states, New Hampshire wouldn't lose by 54.

12:30 Start Time

The late-arriving crowd to Moody should attest, but that was a little too early, wasn't it?

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