3 Up 3 Down: SMU vs. Michigan

Patrick gives his three ups and three downs from SMU's win/loss vs. Michigan Tuesday night at Moody Coliseum

Keith Frazier

After a career day against New Hampshire, Frazier had a solid offensive game against Michigan, with 15 points. But his defense showed up more on a night when the entire team played good defense against a Michigan offense that runs a lot of tricky sets to set up threes. He helped hold Caris LeVert scoreless in first half, forcing a couple bad shots and denying him space on dribble handoffs, a staple of Michigan's offense. Acting head coach Tim Jankovich said Frazier begged to guard Caris LeVert.

Jordan Tolbert

SMU needed Tolbert to play a lot of minutes and stay out of foul trouble after Markus Kennedy's ankle injury. He responded in a big way, with 23 points and nine rebounds and did't get whistled for a single foul. He had 10 dunks as Michigan could not find any way to slow him down, especialy on pick and rolls. Michigan struggled as a team to guard SMU, but Tolbet's performance stands out given the circumstance. He's sixth nationally with a 20.8 offensive rebound percentage, and his four offensive rebounds tonight actually dropped him from fourth to six.

Three-point shooting

SMU has shot the three well, but it doesn't rely on the three for its scoring. The Mustangs came in shooting 44 percent from behind the arc and made eight of 15 three-point attempts today (53 percent). SMU isn't philosophically concerned with shooting a lot of three-pointers, but it has more shooters than it did on its last two teams and can rely more on the three if it needs to.


This was one glaring weakness. SMU had 10 turnovers in the first half and 17 total, including a couple of early offensive fouls. It didn't have a huge impact on the game and isn't the key takeaway, but SMU made a few ill-advised passes. Despite the strong offensive game, Tolbert had five turnovers, and Keith Frazier had four.

Michigan's Shorts

Seriously, that tire-track pattern is hideous. It was Adidas' parting gift to Michigan for switching over to Nike starting next year.

Cheering Marty Turco

The former Dallas Stars goalie is beloved around these parts, but he played for Michigan and nonetheless got a nice ovation from the audience. (Of course, this isn't really a big deal).

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