Big things expected from SMU commit Christian Davis

Hatts talked with 2016 Waco Midway defensive back Christian Davis about his in-home visit with the SMU staff last week.

A busy offseason continued for the SMU staff last week when SMU coaches Chad Morris and Jess Loepp stopped by to visit 2016 Waco Midway HS (Tex.) defensive back and SMU commit Christian Davis

“Honestly it was just truly a honor, since when I was young I had always wanted that to happen it really became a reality both the first and second time, it was just a really good experience how they came in and talked to me,” Davis said, “How it was going to be once I got there and they explained everything to my parents, and that basically for the next four years I was going to be joining them.” 

Throughout the evening, the staff admitted they knew this type of season was a possibility but continued to drive home the point that this 2016 class could be the one to change the direction of the program. 

“Based off last season, they kind of knew things could go bad and struggle based on the players and where their minds were at going into the season, but they are really excited about the class of 2016 class and what we have to offer,” Davis said “They really want us to come in and earn our spots and turn this program around.”

SMU’s defense was a problem all year long, especially when it came to the secondary that lacked any sort of depth in route to allowing 241 passing yards per game last season, which was good for 89th in the country. 

However, they know with players like Davis coming in, they can begin to turn around this defense as soon as next year. 

“They kind of made a joke about that saying they could have used us this past year, have us play Friday and then drive up to Dallas to play in their game Saturday,” Davis said, “They were really excited, they’re really ready for our secondary guys to come in and help stop these teams from throwing which is something we can do.” 

Last week also served as a chance for coach Morris to address the continuing rumors surrounding him being a candidate for other jobs, something Davis said he didn’t even have to ask about. 

“They answered the question before I could even ask it, right when it came up, coach Morris and them informed us that coach Morris was in Dallas to stay there, and the rumors are absolutely 100 percent incorrect.” Davis said. 

After getting the chance to talk with the coaching staff about the direction of the program, there’s no doubt Davis is ready to step on the field and contribute as much as he can for SMU. 

“I’m really excited, I can’t really even put it into words to go out there and show them what I can do,” Davis said, “I’m really ready to turn this program around and show everyone what SMU really is. 

SMU will be splitting their group of official commits into two different groups with one group going on January 16th followed by the next group the following weekend. 

“I actually get to a good sight of the campus, I’ve been there multiple times but never inside the schools,” Davis said, “I’m just interested to see what I’m getting myself into.” 

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