Sanford Football Scouting Report

Scott breaks down three 2017 SMU targets in his Sanford Scouting Reports.

2017 RB Trelon Smith

The Good: Smith has very good vision and instincts.  The junior running back uses his quick feet to maneuver throughout traffic and breakaway from defenders once he’s in the open field.  Smith has the ability to start runs inside before bouncing them outside.  He has good overall ball security and maintains a low center of gravity when running.  Smith also shows off his athleticism by catching passes out of the backfield, and even ones down field.  When running, Smith uses his hands well to stiff arm defenders and maintain leverage while getting outside.  Despite being on the smaller side, Smith doesn’t shy away from contact at the goal line 

Needs Work: At only 170 pounds, Smith has room to add a few pounds before getting to the next level. 

The X-Factor: Smith, who averaged over eight yard a carry as a junior, does a fantastic job of making tacklers miss and gaining yards after first contact.  His ability to cutback on a dime and quickly find the open running lanes make it very hard to predict any tendencies he might have.  


High School: Cypress Ridge HS
Hometown: Houston, Tex.
HT: 5-9
WT: 170
40-yard dash: 4.41 seconds (unofficial)
Trelon Smith Highlights

2017 ATH Bryson Smith
Gabe Brooks / SCOUT

The Good: Smith is your prototypical dual-threat quarterback.  The junior has some wheels, which his team obviously takes advantage of with designed runs.  He has great overall athleticism and is hard to catch in the open field because of it.  Smith uses his quick feet and agility to torch defenses for big chunks of yards, and it helps that he’s an aggressive runner.  While he may not play quarterback at the next level, Smith is great at evading the rush thanks to his quick instincts.

Needs Work: As a quarterback, there are a few things Smith could work on.   The junior’s mobility is an important aspect of his game, but that doesn’t mean he can overlook technique.  Things like throwing across his body or off his back foot will hurt him if he plays quarterback at the next level.  Smith can all be a little careless with the ball when scrambling.  Running with the ball like Michael Vick is something that defenses will learn to key on.  

The X-Factor: Undoubtedly, Smith’s speed and athleticism are what will make him a sought after recruit.  Because he doesn’t have a set position just yet, coaches will love the fact that he can fit at (and is open to) multiple spots on the field.  As a quarterback however, Smith’s ability to escape the rush makes him a dangerous passer.  While he may have some technique and accuracy problems, more often than not he’s still able to connect with his receivers.

Offers: SMU

High School: John Tyler HS
Hometown: Tyler, TX
HT: 5-11
WT: 160
40-yard dash: 4.52 seconds (unofficial)
Bryson Smith Highlights

2017 RB Kayce Medlock

The Good: Kayce Medlock is a very complete back.  He has good overall speed, runs with a low center of gravity, and can also catch passes out in the flat before making a defender miss.  He can bust a jet sweep outside for a large gain thanks to his ability to find the open lanes, or he can sprint up the middle right past defenders and get into the secondary.  Medlock is an aggressive and physical runner that also won’t shy away from contact, despite being just 5-foot-9.  At 190-pounds, he has a good base and is by no means a scrawny runner.

Needs Work: It’s something that hasn’t come back to hurt him yet, but Medlock needs to learn when to cut his losses on a run.  Reversing plays and running with the ball away from his body haven’t hurt Medlock yet because of the competition he plays against, but that will change at the collegiate level.  

The X-Factor: Medlock’s ability to get vertical quickly is what allows him to bust so many long runs.  His combination of speed, vision and agility make it easy for him to find holes and make defenders miss.  Simply put: Medlock is a playmaker.  The junior does a great job of not only finding the end zone, but just breaking big plays in general.

Offers: SMU

High School: Arp HS 
Hometown: Arp, Tex.
HT: 5-9
WT: 186
40-yard dash: 4.60 seconds (Scout Verified)
Kayce Medlock Highlights

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