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Upon Further Review: SMU vs. UCF

Demo has your Upon Further Review following SMU's win over UCF.

No Keith, no problem. 

Or probably more accurately: fewer problems. 

In the first two games following the agonizingly slow yet abrupt falling out between tumultuous shooting guard Keith Frazier and SMU, The Mustangs continued to roll through the 2015-16 season. 

Against Cincinnati, SMU (15-0) found itself down yet another man when Sterling Brown got tossed during the first half.  The Mustangs rallied late in the second half to rebut any renewed doubt in their quest for perfection. 

Three days later, SMU handled UCF and the mystical Floridian giant, Tacko Fall, with ease—dispatching the Knights 88-73. 

Though SMU was off to a good start Sunday afternoon, the ghost of Frazier continued to haunt Moody as Larry Brown was forced to sit out the second half after suffering a spell of vertigo. 

Brown said the illness was caused by a lack of sleep from the whole Frazier issue and dehydration. 

It’s hard not to feel for Brown. The whole Frazier project—that’s what it was , after all—was one of the first things he did when he got to the Hilltop. 

No matter how things went down, Brown is probably going to care about Frazier for a long time

We kind of joked about it last week in a thread about a Markus Kennedy’s tweet that quoted/paraphrased a Jeezy song “Just Win” 

At the end of this song there is a powerful speech that offers encouragement to a young person growing up on the streets with a dream. 

It warns that not everyone will have the same dreams as you and because of that they won’t always be fighting the same fight. 

It also says that some people like to complain about their problems, but won’t do anything to fix them.  

Finally it stresses the importance of rising above that negativity and doubt, in order to succeed.  

Now I sincerely doubt that MK thought about this as deeply as I have and was able to compact all of it in to one poignant tweet, but I’ve been wrong before. 

Frazier obviously didn’t have the same vision as the rest of the team and probably never bought in to the coaching staff’s philosophy. 

Rather than work harder to earn back his starting job, or earn more minutes, or rectify any personal issues he may have had, he walked. 

The important thing for SMU is to leave all of that behind. Frazier was dead weight for the vast majority of his time at SMU and—at least through two games—the Mustangs are flourishing. 

“Flourishing” might be a little excessive.

Being in Houston, I haven’t been around the team for a long, long time. Still, through my TV, they certainly have looked a lot lighter in spirit since Frazier left. 

If you haven’t been watching every game, I recommend you start. 

Now some of you that follow me on Twitter might be thinking, “Wait, didn’t you go to a movie during the second half?”

You’re right, I did. I no longer felt that my services were needed, so I transplanted my butt from my couch to a theatre and watched The Revenant (very good movie by the way).

But just because I didn’t finish watching the game live doesn’t mean I didn’t finish it later. I am not a peasant, I have a DVR. 

Anyway, point is, you NEED to watch every game because this is the greatest start to a basketball season in SMU’s history. 

And at this point it really doesn’t matter if they go undefeated anymore. 

With each and every win, this team further cements itself in history…NCAA sanctions and all. 

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