Beck keeping up with SMU, setting visits

Billy talked with Richmond George Ranch 2017 defensive back Adam Beck about his relationship with the SMU staff and his spring plans.

2017 Richmond George Ranch defensive back Adam Beck recently caught up with SMU defensive backs coach Jess Loepp on Twitter with plans of making it up for a visit on February 20.

"He asked me about when we go back to school and coming up to their junior day this spring," Beck said. "We talk all the time. Probably four times or more out of the week. We're real close. We talk about anything."

Beck and Loepp talk the most about how he's doing in school and football. The four-star defensive back talks with SMU defensive coordinator Van Malone and head coach Chad Morris too.

"He (Loepp) always talks to me and checks up on me and sees how the season is going on a consistent basis," Beck said. "He (Morris) always sends me epic pictures, how I'd be big for the program if I'd commit and stuff like that. He maintains that connection."

The 6-2, 184-pound defensive back has also built a strong relationship with Malone, who has built a lot of trust with Beck.

"Coach Malone comes up to our school probably 10 times and I've talked to him. He talks to me about me and Mikial Onu and we message a lot on Twitter. Coach Malone is the one who offered me in the spring and handed me the offer. He judged by how he saw me and offered face-to-face," Beck said.

It was a conversation with Malone back when he first got offered by SMU about the recruiting process that still stands out to Beck about Malone.

"I remember when he first gave me the offer, when we talked on the phone we had a real serious conversation for probably an hour about the recruiting process and how things would go and how once I finally started getting offers how it'd feel. It was very important because he told me everything truthfully, man-to-man, about how it was going to go. It was a good conversation to have with your coach"

Compared to other schools, Beck calls his relationship with the staff "close" because of how much he talks with them and the personal relationships. Texas A&M, TCU, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Arizona State and others are in hot pursuit of Beck, but he won't tip his hand as to a possible favorite yet.

"I'm just going with it right now. I don't have a favorite. I'm trying to get up to all the schools that have offered me. TCU, Oklahoma, Baylor, SMU, and Texas A&M again," Beck said.

When he visits SMU, Beck would like to get a better feel for how he'd fit into SMU's plans and at school.

"Just does the school fit me? I've already got a good relationship with my position coach so that's a positive, Beck said. "Just seeing the school, the facilities, and the city to see how everything looks and feels to find out if it's right for me."

Onu and Beck are high school teammates and the pair is close, but hasn't talked too much about joining Onu at SMU.

"That's my good friend. He stays close to me in my neighborhood. We do a lot of stuff together and working out. We've mentioned it, but nothing too serious. He's just told me about it and how it'd be if we were to play again up there."

Beck saw himself take a huge step forward in his ability to play physical, but he has a couple things he wants to improve on his skillset and improve on his three interceptions from his junior year.

"I'm fully focused on my coverage skills. I want to make sure everything is good there and I want to get my weight up to 195."

Beck hopes to make a decision before his senior season starts.

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