3 Up, 3 Down: SMU vs. Tulane

Billy has your 3 Up, 3 Down following SMU's win over Tulane.

3 Up

1. Kennedy and Tolbert

Jordan Tolbert and Markus Kennedy took over the game in the paint with Ben Moore struggling and nicked up. The pair combined for 25 points and 17 rebounds and while Ben had 11 points, he was just 3 of 9 from the field. SMU needed the big men to step up and they did. Outside of Tolbert going 0-3 on the day from the free throw line, they really had a nice day.

2. Keep calm and win

Outside of Nic Moore's technical foul, SMU kept their composure the entire game and didn't really get frustrated with calls, missed shots or anything else. When the team needed to, they turned it on down the stretch to earnn this win. It was a very physical game with hard fouls being dished and plenty of loose ball opportunities. Through all of that, SMU kept their composure and just won. It's what they've done all season and they weren't going to let a bad Tulane team take it from them this afternoon.

3. Points off Turnovers

SMU was able to take advantage of 20 Tulane turnovers and score 21 points. SMU also scored 18 points off of second chance opportunities so as Tulane was playing sloppy, SMU got over half of their points off of Tulane miscues. That was the difference in the game was SMU's ability to take advantage of Tulane's miscues while Tulane couldn't capitalize as SMU struggled.

3 Down

1. Turnovers

Larry Brown is going to have plenty of film to go over as the team had 15 turnovers including nine in the first half. SMU struggled at times breaking Tulane's three-quarter court pressure and the team had plenty of passes that could have even found their way into Tulane hands if not for some lucky breaks. SMU couldn't get into a rhythm at all because of it and until late in the game, struggled to score.

2. Lethargic Look

Even though the team remained calm (maybe because it was Tulane), the team had no energy out there. With it being a relatively quick trip to New Orleans and a few days off since their trip to East Carolina, there was no excuse for it. SMU still didn't have much energy even late in the game. The Mustangs were just better today and that's what won the day. 

3. Jarrey Foster

Foster has kind of disappeared a lot in the last few games outside of a key three against Cincinnati. Foster has hit that wall that some freshmen hit as evidenced by his 15 minutes and 0-3 day shooting. If SMU can get a little more out of Foster, it'll really help them with this tight rotation the team is having to run right now. Foster isn't struggling defensively, but he's having a rough patch on the offensive end. If he can get it going, he'll be a huge help in AAC play.

Bonus Down: ESPN3 and Tulane Crowd

The announcers were brutal today. I'm not sure what "tokken three-quarter pressure" is all about. I get it. They're pressuring three-quarters of the court, but why is it called tokken? That was the only analysis the ESPN color commentary guy could come up with outside of talking about all the players flying into their table. Then, you have the Tulane crowd chanting overrated as their team is trailing. That baffled me. Thought the Green Wave was better than that. Rant over.

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