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2017 wide receiver Tyquez Hampton talks SMU commitment

Billy talked with 2017 El Paso (Tex.) El Dorado wide receiver Tyquez Hampton about committing to SMU.

2017 El Paso (Tex.) El Dorado wide receiver Tyquez Hampton wanted to commit to SMU assistant coach Keith Gunn a week ago, but Gunn told Hampton he needed to wait a little bit longer. SMU head coach Chad Morris wanted to visit El Dorado to talk with Hampton's head coach and once he did that today along with Gunn and receivers coach Justin Stepp, Hampton called Morris to commit. 

"It was great for me to know the head coach came out to hear about me. They do it for 2016 guys, but to do it for a 2017 guy, it just showed me he wanted me a part of the team," Hampton said. "I talk to those coaches every day and we've really made a relationship and going to SMU for my four years was the best move I could have made."

Hampton had already developed a strong relationship with Gunn and then has become close with Stepp and Morris as well. 

"They were excited because I wanted to be a part of that legacy and journey from going to a 2-win season to build a program from the ground up. With me and the 2016 class and the other guy committed for 2017, we're going to build the program up," Hampton said. "He (Stepp) is my coach now and it's like my high school coaches. We talk about football, life, school and he asks how my family is doing. It's a real close relationship."

Stepp and Gunn stuck around in El Paso and will watch Hampton tonight at his basketball game, which he's currently averaging 12 points a game for El Dorado. 

Morris' vision for the program has Hampton excited and ready to get to SMU already.

"I see where the vision is going and where it's going. With him coming from Clemson and being OC and now having coach Craddock as a good OC with him, they can collaborate and have a good team in 2017. It's all #StangGang17 and pony up!"

Hampton visited SMU as a freshman, but "wasn't really paying attention" and will be back out in March during the Nike Combine to come visit The Hilltop.

"I really found out everything I need to know about the academics and campus life. I called their admissions office and asked about certain things before I even wanted to make this move," Hampton said. "What else I want to know is about the neighborhoods because I was just there for the ride last time. I hope to learn something I didn't know. I was out there for regionals in track and it's hot down there."

With Hampton's size and speed combination, SMU is primarily looking at Hampton for their 9-man spot, but they can move him around. Hampton loves the way SMU balances the targets with all their receivers.

"They didn't really say, but they're looking at me for outside receiver. I can play a little bit of slot too. They want to see me at a few positions, but I'm trying to get bigger to fufill them," the 6-3, 200-pound receiver said. "When I'm just chilling, I will watch SMU highlights or go to that PonyUpTempo page and watch them. They balance it out and throw it around, which is pretty rare. Some colleges can't throw and just run or some just run and can't throw."

Hampton is SMU's second commitment and receiver with Trestan Ebner in the 2017 class and will be shutting down his recruitment now, he says.

"When you commit, you commit so I'm shutting it down. I'm not going on anyother visits or anything like that. I'm fully committed to SMU."

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