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2017 Denton Ryan DE takes SMU visit, holds offer

Hatts talked with 2017 Denton Ryan defensive end Earnest Brown IV about his unofficial visit to SMU.

2017 Denton Ryan HS  (Tex.) defensive end Earnest Brown IV has heard a lot about SMU from his teammate and Mustang commit Ken McLaurin and Monday got the chance to head up and see what the Hilltop was all about.

“I love the school actually, I found out they have their own mental coach and he gets you ready like one-on-one mentally and it shows you how to do better,” Brown said, “I also like the weight room, they’re going to build new floors and everything, it was amazing they walked me around the coaches office and coach Wyatt told me how they did everything, I liked it because they are looking for better people, yes better players, but better people and I like that.” 

As we’ve seen throughout the Morris tenure at SMU, character is held to a high standard at SMU. 

“They’re looking for better players but they’re also looking for better people, they don’t want somebody that acts up,” Brown said. 

The 6-5, 228-pound defensive end was very impressed with just about every aspect of the facilities, but there was one in particular that caught his attention. 

“I saw they had something if you get hurt or something they have their own, I don’t know what it’s called, they freeze your body (Cyrotherapy) for like two minutes, that interests me,” Brown said. 

The Denton Ryan defensive end also picked up an offer from SMU recently, which was the first of many, he’s received the past week or so. 

“It feels amazing I mean the academic program is amazing also and I know the rebuilding progress, I think its wonderful out there, I’m honored to get offered by SMU,” Brown said. 

 With McLaurin set to join SMU officially in a couple of weeks, Brown will continue to use him as a resource on all things SMU and football. 

“Ken is a great leader, he told me about SMU because he is trying to get me to go to SMU and it’s just great to have a guy like him because he’s one of my best friends,” Brown said, “I mean it would be an honor for me to be going to the same school as him and be with him at SMU.” 

It won’t be long before Brown is back at SMU, as he’s hoping to make it back for SMU’s junior day February 20.  

“I want to look at their campus and get a feel for how everything works,” Brown said. 

Brown is also excited for the opportunity to get to meet coach Morris, especially after the role he played in getting Clemson turned around into one of the best programs in the country.  

“Chad Morris is a great coach, I mean he was at Clemson, you saw how they turned out, I’m just glad that I get the opportunity to meet him on junior day,” Brown said, “He’s a great coach, like I said he builds programs up, SMU is going to have a really good season with him next year.” 

Brown has spoken a lot to SMU assistants, coach Loepp and coach Wyatt, who have encouraged Brown to keep working hard and good things will come. 

“They just said keep on doing great things, keep your grades up, also just keep on working hard and strive to do your best,” Brown said. 

Wednesday morning Brown received an offer from Duke to add to his list of offers that includes: Iowa, Colorado State, Tulsa, Indiana and Texas State. 

Although there are some offers from out of state for Brown, staying at home will play a big role when he does decide where he wants to spend his next four years. 

“That is something I would love to do, I mean I wouldn’t mind going out of state but I want to be able to go home and see my family on the weekends.”  

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