SMU official visit "sealed the deal" for Noah Spears

Hatts talked with 2016 Irving Nimitz LB and SMU commit Noah Spears about his official visit to SMU.

With just a week to go until signing day, 2016 Irving Nimitz HS (Tex.) linebacker and SMU commit Noah Spears joined much of the class for their official visits this weekend and it was a weekend that didn’t disappoint one bit. 

“Anytime I can get around all the other commits it’s a good time, we all kind of just hung out,” Spears said, “Within the first minutes we got there we were all playing around with each other, joking around so the brotherhood is already tight and it’s already close so it was just having a good time hanging around with them.”

Despite keeping in touch with each other year round through a group text, this weekend presented the opportunity for many players to put a name and face together. 

“That was great we had the group chat so that’s how we’ve been talking before and then once we all got together we kind of put a face with a name and so we were just glad to be around each other and making jokes and playing and just bonding,” Spears said. 

This weekend also served as another opportunity for the players to meet with the coaching staff and spend some time continuing to build upon an already strong relationship. 

“Coach Morris I’ve always liked him since he started recruiting me, he’s a good coach that just keeps on preaching family and that with family anything is possible if you become a strong brotherly team then anything is possible,” Spears said, “So you know he kept on preaching that and just spoke some words of wisdom and kept on telling us how excited he was for when we get there.” 

With a weekend like this past one and signing day just a week away, it helped solidify many players’ beliefs that SMU is the right place for them for their future. 

“Before we have been in a group message, and that’s fun but there’s only a certain amount you can do,” Spears said, “Once we got together we kind of all thought man we about to have some fun when we come here so it sealed the deal for almost all of them including me, just I’m looking forward to moving in whenever moving day is and getting started.” 

The highlight of the weekend for Spears was getting to take a trip off campus to spend part of the day at coach Morris’ house.

“His house is amazingly big and has almost anything you could think of,” Spears said. 

Another highlight of the weekend was an all you can eat meal at the Dallas hotspot Texas De Brazil.

“It was nice, I’ve never been there and not a lot of people have been there so when they started bringing the food around it was just kind of hard to stop,” Spears laughed, “It was hard to stop eating.”

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