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2016 Manvel LB Jordan Carmouche commits to SMU!

Billy talked with 2016 Manvel linebacker Jordan Carmouche about his commitment and signing with SMU!

2016 Manvel linebacker Jordan Carmouche's college decision came down to SMU and Illinois, but his in-home visit to SMU won the day for the SMU staff. Carmouche announecd his commitment to Chad Morris and the staff on Twitter Wednesday night.

"I was stuck between the two so I was basing it off of which coaching staff was talking better at the in-home. SMU brought their head coach, position coach and all that. Illinois didn't bring all that so I knew SMU wanted me more."

SMU also felt like home for Carmouche and his relationship with the staff is solid as well.

"I love coach Morris and the whole staff. I feel like I'm connected to them," Carmouche said. "I love coach Mathis. He's basically a high school coach coming from DeSoto. He's funny and he likes to crack jokes."

Carmouche will start at running back for SMU and if it works out, Carmouche won't switch to linebacker and will stay at running back.

"I've been playing running back since little league before I transferred to Manvel. They didn't have anybody on defense so with me being a big athlete and us having a capable running back, they wanted me to switch to linebacker," Carmouche said. "I just wanted to do what's best for the team. I always knew I was going to go back to running back once I got to college because that's what I grew up on and I loved."

SMU's power run scheme is one that Carmouche hated to play against in high school and he's excited to be on the other side of that.

"I like how they spread it out to run downhill. Coming from linebacker, that's the worst offense to play against where you only have one linebacker in the box with four defensive linemen so it's one on one with the running back. If they can block everybody for a second, there's plenty of holes to run through for a running back."

There's that chance that Carmouche could go back to linebacker, but it's up to him.

"I'll come in and strictly be running back because they were saying they don't have a big running back that's athletic as me. They have scat backs and not a big back to change up on defenses. If they think I'd better help them on defense, then we'd talk about me going back to defense, but ultimately it's really up to me."

Since Carmouche last visited over a year ago before his official, things had drastically changed at SMU.

"They did a complete upgrade on the facilities. The weight room was much better. Everything was much better than when I went for the junior day last year. I know they're getting an indoor and they're on the rise. I like everything about the campus and where it's located at. It's in a nice area in Dallas."

Morris met with Carmouche on Sunday of his official visit and laid out a plan for him if he came to SMU.

"He was just telling me about when I would get there and what would happen over the summer and the process of moving there and signing my national letter of intent. I'd be getting there and going to work with coach Mathis."

The future business major will arrive May 29 and is ready for all the opportunities SMU gives him.

"It's a great opportunity to go in there and play, get a degree, turn it around and build it from the ground up, and get to the league."

Carmouche has one message for SMU fans right now.

"We're going to get it turned around. We're going to work hard every single day. Coach Morris came from Clemson so I know they're used to winning there so I know he's going to turn it around. I'm there to help him 100 percent."

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