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Badejo recaps SMU official visit

Hatts talked with SMU commit and Mansfield Timberview linebacker Michael Badejo about his SMU official and in-home visit.

It’s been a busy week for 2016 Mansfield Timberview HS (Tex.) outside linebacker and SMU commit Michael Badejo, who visited SMU this past weekend along with the rest of the class and then Thursday night he hosted the SMU staff for an in home visit. 

“It was really good they came in all excited and stuff so overall it was all, I asked them all the questions I needed to know just to let my parents know too so it was just a good visit,” Badejo said. 

The in-home visit gave Badejo the chance to ask some of the important questions he still had about the next steps after he signs his papers next week. 

“They came in, my head coach and both my parents and we just talked about the academic side and the football side you know why they recruited me and how excited they are for me to come up there and change the program around,” Badejo said, “Basically I just asked them what’s the next step with signing the papers and all that, they brought me a little binder to let me know everything I needed to know like what scores I needed to make ACT wise, how I’m going to get into the school and every step wise so after that we ate, watched the basketball, danced a little bit and then took pictures.”

For the 6-3, 220-pound linebacker and defensive end, didn’t take the moment lightly that the staff was there to visit him. 

“I feel really blessed just having a guy like him for a head coach, you know I’m looking at him like, 'dang I got the head coach in my house, I got SMU in my house,' not everybody can say so it was just a great time,” Badejo said.

Prior to the staff coming to visit him, Badejo also took his official visit with the majority of the 2016 class.

“That was really great, a lot of people are going to tell you everybody was all in there and we have this group chat so we basically know each other really well already, when we see each other it’s basically like we’ve known each other for years,” Badejo said, “Coach Morris was really excited that we’re basically the only class he’s recruited in his career that’s basically already like a family and we haven’t even enrolled yet so he kept bragging about that.” 

The weekend started off with a dinner Friday night before the players broke off with their various hosts to spend some time hanging out that night. The rest of the weekend was very informative for Badejo and one he certainly won’t forget soon. 

“We met at the hotel and shook hands, had dinner with our hosts and the assistant coaches and stuff and then Friday night went out with the hosts had fun, came back,” Badejo said, “Saturday was like the busiest day we took a tour of the school, we went to coach Morris’ house had a good time, went to a restaurant that night so it was really an information day but we had fun, learned a lot about the academic side and football side and then Sunday ate breakfast had a one on one with coach Morris and headed back home.”

Badejo was thrilled to see how much excitement there was in person with a number of the guys and really fed off this emotion all weekend. 

“When I saw everybody, I’m always an excited person but when I saw everyone they were excited too, and there are some people in the group that don’t really talk much but when we saw them in person they were saying what’s up and everybody’s great, everyone’s ready to enroll and have fun,” Badejo said, “I’m glad I met these guys, everyone was so excited and that’s the main thing is everyone was so excited, everyone just came up to each other had a good time, was laughing and ready to enroll, ball out and have a good time at SMU for our four years.”

The opportunity to visit SMU and be treated so well by the staff was also something Badejo considered as a reward for all the hard work they’ve been through. 

“I think it’s like an opportunity but you got to earn it, it’s not going to come to you, you got to earn it and I worked hard, I know I worked hard for this, but I’m not satisfied nobody should ever be satisfied so when I met everybody it was just like a spark it felt good just to say this is home,” Badejo said, “Out of all the offers that I had to say this is home, I was just thanking them for them letting me be a part of this game, this school so I’m just real blessed this happened to me.” 

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