2016 SMU Signing Class Superlatives

Demo hands out superlatives to SMU's 2016 signing class!

Most NFL Ready: Mikial Onu

If you haven’t been able to tell already, I’m pretty big on Mikial Onu. I love how he goes after the ball and simply creates turnovers. At 6-0, 185 pounds, he has really good size. He can probably add a little more muscle, but he could probably step in and be a serviceable defensive back for an NFL team. I’m not saying he’d be a superstar or lockdown type defender—in his current form and level of development, he would be a very serviceable3rd or fourth corner or a backup safety.  

Fastest player: Eric Sutton

Eric Sutton has some wheels on him. I like this and you should too. Far too often we saw SMU corners getting burnt last season. He has solid close out speed and if he picks off a pass, there is potential for him to take it to the house.

Most likely to Start Day 1: Brandon Benson

I really want to say Mikial Onu, but since we already talked about him, I’ll go with Brandon Benson. He has really good size, and knows how to use his body to create space. He also has good speed and its deceptive. He has such long strides that it doesn’t look like he is really moving as fast as he is, but once he gets a little room he could be gone. 

Most likely to be a Captain: Demerick Gary

I think we are all pretty familiar with Demerick Gary at this point. He is very charismatic and it seems as though his fellow signees already look towards him as a leader of sorts. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he was a captain at some point down the road. 

Most likely to be All-AAC: Jordan Carmouche

I really like Jordan Caramouche, but then again who doesn’t. I think he can use a little more weight (why he wasn’t NFL ready) but overall he has a lot of good skills. He can diagnose plays well and he reacts quickly. He’s kind of like a wrecking ball, the way he busts through the line or cleans up a pile. He’s a lot of fun to watch. Depending on where SMU puts him, he could stand to make a ton of tackles. 

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