Ryan Becker SMU Signing Day Profile

Demo breaks down SMU signee Ryan Becker in his National Signing Day Profile.

Ryan Becker Signing Day Video

SENIOR YEAR STATS: 74 pancakes (played with a broken fibula)
COMMITTED TO SMU OVER: Air Force, NC State, Nebraska, North Texas, Northwestern, Oregon State, Rice, Texas Tech, UTSA
SIDE NOTE: Becker rodeos and has for most of his life. 
AUDIBLE: “I feel like I had already signed. Once I committed I shut everything down and didn’t look at any other schools—I was all-in. This is more official, but it’s the same feeling of excitement.”

How Becker fits

Becker played multiple positions in high school and was primarily a tackle his senior season. However, he’d make a very small offensive lineman at the collegiate level. Since he has some experience playing tight end and defensive end, he could be used as depth at either. There's a good chance with him being able to put on weight that he'd develop into a solid offensive tackle with his athleticism although it will take time.

What Becker brings

Athleticism and toughness. He is very athletic for a 6-6, 224 pound guy. He is explosive, has good hands, and has decent speed.  Did I mention he is tough? He broke his tibia during the second scrimmage of the year, but didn’t miss a single game. That’s toughness. 

What to Expect Freshman Year

One of SMU’s biggest weaknesses last season was an extreme lack of depth. Becker, right now, is perfect for a supporting role. Once it is established how and where SMU will use him, he’ll be able to really focus in on that position. Has a big enough frame to add some more weight, so he could be even more of a beast a couple years down the road. 

Career Expectations for Becker

With his athleticism and his long frame, Becker could be a really solid defensive end, tight end or offensive lineman down the road. He’d need to add some more muscle, but he has the frame for it. He’s an incredibly tough player—exactly the kind of guy you want in the trenches. 

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