Brandon Benson SMU Signing Day Profile

Scott breaks down SMU signee Brandon Benson in his National Signing Day Profile.

Brandon Benson Signing Day Video

Big GAME STATS: 8 catches for 109 yards in the state championship game
COMMITTED TO SMU OVER: Illinois, Houston, Purdue, Wisconsin, Texas Tech, Northwestern, Kansas, North Texas and Colorado State.
SIDE NOTE: If he weren’t playing football, he’d be more focused on business management.
AUDIBLE: “I’m most excited about the opportunities we’ll have at SMU,” Benson said.  “It hasn’t been like the Pony Express days for some time, but I’m ready to see if we can bring that back and recreate that camaraderie around SMU again.”

How Brandon Benson fits

Benson’s speed makes him a threat all over the field.  Not only can he catch it going across the middle, but he can also run past his defenders down the sideline.  His athleticism and skill set fit right in with the recent receivers Chad Morris and company have been recruiting since they got to the Hilltop.  

What Brandon Benson brings

Immediately, Benson’s speed stands out on film. The Waco La Vega product can run past defenses, but he also has the athleticism to make the tough catches. He also has the ability to haul in passes all over the field, whether it’s in the flat, over the middle, or down the sideline. Benson’s ability to adjust to his quarterback’s throws also stood out to me.  He also does a great job of quickly picking up yards after the catch. Benson also shows on his tape that he has good hands and that he can catch passes out in front of him when he’s crossing the middle or catch passes over his shoulder down the sideline.  

What to Expect Freshman Year

Benson should make an immediate impact for the Mustangs as a freshman.  Despite having tons of depth in the receiving core, it will be hard to keep Benson’s raw talent off of the field.  When I think of Benson’s expected role in 2016, I think of Kevin Thomas’ role from last season.  And if Matt Davis gets some more time from the developing offensive line, he should have more of a chance to find Benson.  

Career Expectations for Brandon Benson

Benson’s combination of speed, athleticism and good hands will make him a wideout to be scared of in the AAC for the next four years.  As long as the Mustangs continue to develop along the offensive line and at the quarterback position, Morris will be able to find a number of ways to get the ball to the La Vega product.  As Benson’s career progresses, I fully expect Morris to take advantage of the state champion’s skillset, and for him to reach his full potential.  

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