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Hot Button: Best SMU Offensive Lineman Signee

The staff debates which SMU offensive lineman is the best in the class in this premium discussion.

Scott: Jacob Todora

Todora is the most ready prospect to make an impact among the incoming freshmen linemen.  The offensive lineman has the quickness and aggression to go along with great technique that can translate to the collegiate level right away.  Especially with guys like Kris Weeks and Taylor Lasecki graduating, there will be a few moving parts on the line, which could give Todora a chance to steal a spot.  Not only does Todora have the ability to contribute as a freshman, but he also should become the centerpiece of the offensive line as his time goes on at SMU.

Demo: Kadraius Smith

This dude right here, man—this dude is a monster. Every time I watch Kadarius Smith he’s blowing someone up. And once he locks up with a defender, that guy is getting put into the ground. He is so explosive and so athletic, that he often takes out multiple defenders. And that’s just his run blocking. He’s also solid in pass protection. So he’s kind of a beast right now and he’s weighing in at 6-2, 270 pounds….he’s going to get bigger. That’s kind of scary if you think about it too long.  

Patrick: Kadarius Smith

Smith can be an immediate contributor on the interior line because of his strength. I think he’s the strongest of all the offensive line signees and fits best at guard, although he played a lot of tackle in high school. Right now, he’s best as a run blocker. He consistently pushes his man backward and has the upper body strength to throw defenders to the ground. He has quick feet that he uses when he pulls, but he’s not the quickest or fastest off the ball. But that and his height (6-foot-3) are why he’s a good fit at guard, where he won’t be asked to block speed edge rushers. SMU doesn’t want to play freshmen offensive lineman unless it has to, but Smith’s advanced strength, good hand placement and SMU’s need for improvement on the interior line should get him an early chance. I think he becomes a starter pretty early in his college career.

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