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Hot Button: Best SMU Running Back Signee

Billy and Patrick debate SMU's best running back signee between Aphonso Thomas and Jordan Carmouche.

Billy: Jordan Carmouche

I think Carmouche has the brightest future at linebacker, but he's a physical force and SMU doesn't have a bigger back outside of Prescott Line. Line has had limited success. Carmouche can come in and punish opposing players when he gets the ball. I think he's a little stiff, which could hold him back, but he's more talented that Line. If he can pick up the playbook, SMU will be forced to give him a hard look at more playing time with the need for a bigger back. Carmouche last played running back his sophomore year so he's not really far removed from playing it, but there will certainly be an adjustment process. Besides, Thomas will be down the depth chart a bit behind Braeden West and Xavier Jones.

Patrick: Aphonso Thomas

Aphonso Thomas. As much as I like Jordan Carmouche as an overall player, I have to go with the experienced guy. He dominated Class 4A competition and I like his running style, especially because he played in a shotgun-based offense in high school. He’s not a burner or a true home-run hitter, but I like his vision and he runs with good pad level. He’s smooth and keeps forward momentum when he has to move sideways or shed a tackle. I think he plays early because he will learn the offense quickly and he’s a good compliment to Xavier Jones and Braeden West. My only concern is that we don’t get to see him in pass protection much, so that may limit him initially. But he’s one of my safer picks to play next year.

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